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The WILDERNESS nylon belt in OD!

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by eap, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. eap

    eap New Member

    just got off the phone with the wilderness, pre-ordered my "1.5 five stitch instructors belt in OD GREEN.:D they expect to ship around the end of january. something about OD that sucks me in, even all my surefires are OD(HAIII).

    i'm glad they finally got around to offering OD, i always thought it would be a nice fit in their product line. they currently have "1.75OD in stock, according to their site anyway.
  2. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Active Member

    Ooh! You'll like it. I just got me a 1.5" black one to replace my old worn out BDU belt. What a difference. I like the fact that (like with my old BDU belt) there's no belt holes -- 'cause I'm the wierdo who almost always falls in between belt holes: this one's too loose and the next one's too tight. I can cinch it up jest right! I hope you have as good luck with yours as I have had so far with mine.
  3. knowledgegreen

    knowledgegreen New Member

    Dammit! I e-mailed Wilderness about three months ago asking if they made a 1.5" 5-stitch in OD green. Their responded with a resounding no. So about a month ago I finally broke down and ordered a 5-stitch in black. Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love the belt. Oh well, just gives me an excuse to order another for my wardrobe!:D
  4. JStordahl

    JStordahl New Member

    Guys: I've been eyeing the Wilderness belts for awhile. I was wondering how to determine correct size. In a normal belt the waist size measurement falls about in the middle hole of those provided. So how did you determine size on a belt without holes?
  5. eap

    eap New Member

    jstorhahl, just go to the wilderness website, it explains two different ways to measure. as far as no holes, mark the belt or measure to the worn spot, if their is one.

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