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There's a new nipple on the market

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Fingers McGee, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    Read on a couple other forums where there was a new C&B revolver nipple on the market for Uberti, Pietta and ROA revolvers that worked better than Tresos. This new nipple is stainless steel (??) and has an improved orifice as well as two cross drilled hole like the old Hotshot nipples had. They're available right now from Desperado Bullets for $36.00 for a set of 6. I ordered a set for the Uberti and a set for the Pietta revolvers on last Monday & they came in Thursday's mail. Plan was to try them out this past weekend in a SASS match, but the rain kept that from happening. Here are a few pictures of the new nipples. The new nipple is on the left, with a Treso in the middle and a stock factory Uberti on the right.


    I measured the Uberti and Pietta nipples and compared them to stock. The Uberti SlixShot measured about .032 longer than the stock Ubertis. The Pietta SlixShot only measured about .006 longer.

    I haven't tried the Uberti with the SlixShot nipples yet - ran out of time at the range yesterday. I did run about 72 rounds through a Pietta 1860 Army. I fired three cylinders full with Remington #10, Remington #11, CCI #11, and RWS 1075 caps. One cylinder with each size cap was capped with a TDC revolver capper, one with a TDC dual spring straight line capper, and one capped by hand. I did not use a "seating stick" or anything other than the capper or my thumb to seat the caps. All of the caps went on without any trouble and felt like they were a snug fit. I slow fired the first cylinder full with each size cap and didn't see any evidence of unfired caps backing off the nipple.

    The load I used was 30 gr. fffg Goex thrown from a flask with a 30 gr. spout (which weighs out to 30.3 gr.); Ox Yoke Wonder Wad, and a .454 round ball cast by BPstuff llc. Every chamber fired first time. All of the Remington and RWS fired caps looked like a plus sign. Four evenly sized wings coming off the center. Most of the CCIs did the same; but some of them disintegrated or didn't split up completely. The only two instances of a cap falling into the frame/action, was with the CCIs that didn't split up completely on firing; but, they didn't jam up the gun. The hammer just flattened them to the frame. In every instance, the only cap still left on a nipple was the one under the hammer from the last shot. All of caps fell off, and none got between my hand and the grip.

    The 1860 I used was 1994 vintage that has been worked over some using Pettifoggers procedures. It has coil spring & plunger hand spring and the hammer notch is filled with JB Weld.

    I'm going to try to get back out to the range later this week & run the same process on my Uberti 1861 Navy. Hopefully the extra lenght won't be a problem. My 1861's have been worked over like the 1860s, so I'm going to take one of my .36 cal Piettas that is still bone stock unmodified & see how the nipples work on it. I'm also going to try a couple Wolf reduced power hammer springs & see how they act. This time I'll take my camera too.

    So far, I'm really liking these nipples.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2012
  2. Smokin'Joe

    Smokin'Joe Well-Known Member

    Fingers, I'm looking forward to your next report. These new nipples sound good.
  3. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    The longer cones must partly help to allow these nipples to provide a snug fit for both the Remington #11's and the Remington #10's that have a longer skirt.
    They do seem to have some very nice looking precision made cones.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2012
  4. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    I'll order a set for my ROA and see how they work.
  5. Pancho

    Pancho Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to be able to hear from the designers about how they chose their particular style of flame channel.
  6. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    Mine just arrived so I'll try them out tomorrow. I'll see if the little horizontal holes make any difference.
  7. duelist1954

    duelist1954 Well-Known Member

    Got mine today. I'll shoot them next week.
  8. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    OK, Here's my second report. Took my one of my Uberti 1861 Navies out with the new nipples. Also took a Pietta 1861 Navy that did not have the safety notch in the hammer filed in.

    I rechecked my measurements on the Pietta and Ubarti nipples and came up with theses results.

    Uberti Nipples:
    Factory nipple - .292
    Treso nipple - .305
    Slix-Shot nipple - .320

    Pietta Nipples:
    Factory nipple - .326
    Treso nipple - .327
    Slix-Shot nipple - .330

    In the pictures in the original post, you can how much longer the Slix-Shot nipple is than the factory and Treso nipples.

    I spent part of Thursday afternoon running a box stock .36 Pietta with the new nipples, and trying a set of the Uberti nipples. The Pietta is a 1991 vintage 1861 Navy with 6 inch barrel that is internally box stock. The only mods done to it are GWII grip frame and grips. The Load was 22 gr fffg Grafs, lubed wad and .380 cast round ball. I ran a cylinder full through it using Rem#10, Rem#11, CCI#11, and RWS1075 caps. Had a little different result with expended caps than I did with the 1860 the other day. The Rem#10s all stayed on the cylinder but were not evenly exploded. The Rem#11s also stayed put and were more even. The CCIs only split into two wings, some stayed on & some fell off. The RWS caps were by far in the worst shape, they were mangled pretty bad & mostly fell off. I'll attribute this to the safety notch not being filled in. You can see where the notch was on the expended caps.

    Tried the Uberti nipples on a Uberti 1861 Navy. Same load as the Pietta, 22 gr fffg Grafs, lubed wad and .380 round ball. Being longer than both the factory and Treso nipples, I expected them to have fitment issues. Sure enough, after 3 cylinders full on the 1861, the Rem#10 caps started dragging the recoil shield. Same held true for the Rem#11, CCI#11, and RWS1075 caps. In order to keep the caps from rubbing, I had to use a push stick to seat them. The CCIs rubbed the recoil shield the most even after pushing them on. The way the caps split and shredded was pretty much the same on the Uberti 1861 as the Pietta. The JB weld has worn away some on the hammer so there was some notch present.

    I got rained out before I could shoot the other two Ubertis I brought - a Navy Arms Frontiersman & a SS 1860 Army; but, given the length of the Uberti nipples, the result would have probably been the same. I screwed a couple of the nipples in on the Frontiersman and the tops extended above the rim of the cylinder. I also did not get a chance to try out a reduced power mainspring.

    I'm not near as enthused about the Uberti nipple as I am the Pietta.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2012
  9. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    So here is my report on the Slixshot nipples. I was really eager to see what the horizontal holes would do.

    The nipples went into the stock ROA cylinder just fine with a bit of anti-seize. I loaded my cylinder up on D/D loader with 40 gr of triple 7, a 200 gr BigLube bullet and an RWS 1075+ cap.

    I fired three shots and it all locked up. Couldn't get the cylinder out till I got home and completely disassembled it. There was no fault of the nipples, load or gun. This was the first I had fired the pistol after deciding to tighten things up by taking the slop out of the trigger and hammer. I had fit several extremely thin shim washers to the hammer and trigger and took all the wiggle out of them. I guess with B/P there needs to be a bit of wiggle. So I took out half the shims and the trigger and hammer now have some side to side movement. Not nearly as much as stock but some.

    I then used the same load as before and not one problem, not one jam and the trigger still felt as good as it did before.

    So what about the nipples? I have tried all the nipples that are available, Treso, Butler Creek, Blomquist and now SlixShot. I think the SlixShot may give a bit better ignition. I had no hang fires but the caps almost all universally were obliterated.

    I have not had any caps that would consistently stay on the nipples after firing. If anything, the SlixShot were blown to bits more than the others. However, it really didn't cause an issue. After the last shot I give the cylinder spin and most of the remaining crap usually just flies off.
  10. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Allright I admit it, I am clueless, confused, dense, etc.

    Are you trying to get the spent caps to stay on the nipples after firing or do you want to fragment them so much that they consistently fall off? I read through the thread twice and still must have missed something. It sounds like this new nipple is designed to make the cap blow apart...

    I think I want the spent cap to stay on the nipple so there is no chance it will fall back into the hammer slot or deep into the action...don't I?

    Or am I wrong?
  11. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer them to stay on. The .36 Pietta they did for the most part for the Rems. The .44 Pietta they all fell off, but didn't cause any problems.
  12. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the confusion....I would prefer they stay on as well but what I said was that none of the nipples I have kept the caps on after firing with any consistency. The majority all get blown off. The SlixShot show the same behavior, even more but it doesn't seem to matter to me as NONE of the ones I've tried and I have tried pretty mush all of them, consistently stay on. So I guess if I can't get any to stay on, in a weird kind of way, the more they're disintegrated the better, no?

    It could very well be the max loads I usually use. I always shoot RWS 1075+ caps that are noticeably more powerful than any other cap I have tried and I have tried pretty much all of them. I usually use max loads of 40 to 45 gr's of triple 7 topped with either a BigLube bullet of 210 gr or my modified HP BigLube 210 by HP Mold Service, which has 3 of the 6 cavities with a beautiful great big HP in it the BigLube.

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