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They Came To Town

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Bpdenverco, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Bpdenverco

    Bpdenverco New Member

    OpenCarryDenver.Org, had boots on the ground today, when the sheriffs came to Denver.
    This was a press conference, about a hour before Obama came to give his little speech.

    In addition I made a short little tale clip, I hope you enjoy both videos. I did run out of space and missed the last 3 min. Sorry for that.


  2. cane

    cane Well-Known Member

    I've looked all over for confirmation of this, perhaps you can find out. I've been told that the police officers who attended the presidents presentation had to turn in all their ammo before they went.
  3. Bpdenverco

    Bpdenverco New Member

    Don't know

    I was at the park, no Denver cops their, as far as the police academy, I just don't know, and I was their

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