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They finally said it.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Queen_of_Thunder, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Feinstein said on the news yesterday that the goal and purpose of the gun bills were to "dry up the supply". In other words they want our guns. The anti's want to disarm the American Citizen.

    So are you going to actually get involved or just say you sent an email. Its Time folks. Time to get involved with campaigns. Time to offer our money and time to those who support us. If it means running for office then run for office. Our silent majority needs to step up and be counted.

    Make appointments to visit with your reps during the upcoming Easter recess. Call their home office today and make that appointment. Get that "face time" with your rep.
  2. Impureclient

    Impureclient Well-Known Member

    Yeah, no beating around the bush with that remark. Pretty much like my signature line.
  3. chevyman097

    chevyman097 Well-Known Member

    Well in that case it wasnt a very smart move. Ya, some guns and ammo might be hard to find on the shelves right now. But all they really accomplished was helping to arm thousands of more Americans that may or may not have been gun owners before. They prompted hundreds of thousands of already active gun owners to become even more active in fighting back against their attempts. And put millions of more guns and ammo into circulation of the American public. The shelves WILL be restocked eventually.
  4. 98C5

    98C5 Well-Known Member

    Needs to be BIGGER rallys. I think the local gun communities should spearhead this. I would love to participate/start my own but not sure where/how to start(Legalities)
  5. Carter

    Carter Well-Known Member

    She's said that before. Its nothing new.

    The fact that she doesn't see that as unconstitutional, or taking away guns from a future generation is the disturbing part.
  6. wojownik

    wojownik Well-Known Member

  7. N003k

    N003k Well-Known Member

    Personally...I wouldn't read it as 'they want our guns'. That just comes off poorly, and sounds equivocal to 'they want to TAKE our guns', which (while in the long run is likely some of the anti-gunners goal, isn't the goal in this round). She said dry up the supply which...well is the intent of banning the sale of something. It really doesn't change anything.

    Don't get worked up and paranoid sounding about this quote, especially not around people on the fence, you'll end up coming off as a crazy, which is already something enough people consider us just for owning guns in the first place.
  8. Rob G

    Rob G Well-Known Member

    Feinstein actually said it rather clearly back in '95


    The confiscation of all civilian owned firearms has always been the endgame for Feinstein and her crowd. Anybody who's ever been confused about this probably hasn't been paying attention.
  9. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    Exactly my thought. There are only 2 explanations for that stupid remark of hers.
    She is truly that stupid, or she was just spinning her "defeat" in a positive light. And, I don't think she is that stupid.
  10. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    They know that it worked in the UK and Australia, with a complex process to then apply to buy a "first" gun.
    You can have a Mini 14 in the UK (check Youtube), but it is operated manually as a bolt action.
  11. Agsalaska

    Agsalaska Well-Known Member

    That is misrepresenting her quote. She was, in that clip, specifically referring to weapns that were grandfathered in under the assault weapons ban in 94. She was not referring to all firearms.

    Dont get me wrong, I hate the woman, but I do not like it when our side takes things out of context like that. It makes us look bad.
  12. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    No, the disturbing part is thousands of idiots keep voting for such as Feinstein, obama, schumer and the rest of that political trash.
  13. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    Feinstein would outlaw ownership of firearms in general if she could. Her comments are no revelation. She has been saying this stuff for years. Nobody has been listening.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2013
  14. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Don't slow down now, everyone keep writing your representatives and let them know you OPPOSE further gun control (especially the "universal background check") and that you will vote for or against them depending on if they violate their Constitutional Oath.
  15. danez71

    danez71 Well-Known Member

    Imagine if the just increase in spending on guns and ammo was instead donated to NRA and 2nd Admendment Foundation.....

    All the gun mgf would still be in business and we'd have lots of money for court battles.
  16. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

    Don't know any gun manufacturers who went belly up. Its been a windfall since 08. Small ffl retailers who can't get product is another story.
  17. NY'er

    NY'er Well-Known Member

    NOO3k, that's what they said about full-auto. As a kid I remember seeing them in Edelmans, no different than the other rifles on the rack, and looking forward to the day I turned 18. Well guess what, I turned 18 in 1988 which made me SOL on those, and I wasn't into firearms yet when 1994 came and went.

    In just my lifetime we've gone from a time when high schools (like mine) had shooting ranges in the basement and varsity shooting teams and the government itself endorsed the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program for anyone who doesn't know) to encourage our citizenry to buy surplus rifles and be proficient in their use.... to the current demonization of guns and gun owners. In one generation they have incrementally and persistently placed restrictions on our civil right with laws requiring background checks, handgun registration to the actual confiscation of previously owned rifles that were legal but had to be "registered" (NYC and California) to an entire political party putting their every effort into banning and confiscating yet again

    If we lose this battle now in 20 years the US will be just like the UK. That is their absolute and stated goal.
  18. JRH6856

    JRH6856 Well-Known Member

    They finally said it??? Finally??? They have been saying it for years. I can barely remember when they haven't been saying it.

    But maybe people are finally listening.
  19. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I 1962 I bought this new in the box GI 1911A1 from our government.
    The gun cost me $17 and was delivered to my house by the Postman.
    (that's when it was "our government', now it's "the government")

    You could order all manner of guns from magazine ads, which were sent to your house. Even a couple anti tank guns but I couldn't afford the ammunition.:D
    My first two handguns, a Beretta MINX .25 and a British Webley .38, were ordered from a magazine ad when I was 17.

    So you can imagine how much I despise today's anti gun politicians and the idiot Americans that vote them in.:fire:
  20. skimbell

    skimbell Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and no matter how you slice it, the one thing that ALL of these gun grabbing schemes have in common is their birth in the bowels of the Democrat Party.
    I can't think of a better reason to become a single issue voter.
    A vote for ANY democrat is a vote against the 2A.

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