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Think no civilian needs high-powered rifles? Ask the Russians

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Selvagee, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. Selvagee

    Selvagee Member

    via Little Green Footballs:

    A friend of mine who I trust has passed along the following information:

    Last report I have says its now 19 out of twenty dead. Three more are holed up in the building basement with some hostages, seven are in another building being pounded by tanks and the rest are fleeing through the countryside pursued by local citizens with deer rifles.

    **EDIT** its now been reported that the ones who tried to flee across country (now numbered at 13) are holed up in a house, surrounded by local civilians who are shooting the place apart, brick by brick.

    Confirmation awaited.

    The best-selling deer rifle in Russia is the Tigr, a civilianized version of the Dragunov SVD. Its wickedly accurate.

    Shoot straight, comrades :fire:
  2. Phantom Warrior

    Phantom Warrior Well-Known Member

    *grabs Remington 700 out of the safe*

    Anyone know the cost of a plane ticket to Russia?
  3. Tall Man

    Tall Man Well-Known Member

    The latest death toll estimate is ~200, almost half of which are children. At the moment I am making this post, the Drudge report has a link to an excellent article.

    Scrolling about halfway down this page will take you to a series of links (#1 - 10) that show some truly heartbreaking images. Needless to say, said images are not for those with weak constitutions. Proceed at your own discretion.

    What a needless incident this was. May the commandos and armed civilians shoot accurately.

  4. Stickjockey

    Stickjockey Well-Known Member

    Anyone have confirmation on this?

    Edited to add:

    PW, when do we leave:fire:
  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    We should have obliterated Baghdad at the outset, then accepted unconditional surrenders from Iraq and the rest of the Islamic terrorist states. We'd have saved a great many irreplaceable American lives, as well as some Russian lives.
  6. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    Russians can own guns? Is that true? Cause I wouldn't know.

    And I woulda gotten my WASR-10 and joined them in that fight. For some reason, I always thought about what would happen if terrorists or the like invaded my high school, and I'd get my gun (WASR) and give the cops a hand or something.
  7. Stand_Watie

    Stand_Watie Well-Known Member

    Yup. Check out Max Popenker's collection


  8. Selvagee

    Selvagee Member

  9. schromf

    schromf Well-Known Member

    I followed a link in another thread to footage on this crisis, and while I was there saw the video of the execution of the Nepalise in Iraq. I got to tell you I feel sick to my stomach and really am wondering right now why these animals deserve any human rights at all. The website is extremely graphic and not for the weak in stomach, and frankly in very bad taste.

    Find: ogrish using your search function of threads, I won't post it directly.

    The Nepalise footage really outrages me, these guys need to be hunted down like dogs, but a slow torture would be more fitting of their crimes.

    No, I am not in a real charitable mood right now, the people responsible for this aren't even human, by any civilalized definition.
  10. PMDW

    PMDW Well-Known Member

    Uhh... There's a difference between owning a bunch of guns, and having a website with a bunch of gun pictures on it. Just because you have one, doesn't mean you have the other.
  11. GD

    GD Well-Known Member

    And gunboat Johnny wants to be more sensitive about dealing with these terrorists!:cuss:
    The only way to deal with these guys is to hit them first and hard.
  12. Stand_Watie

    Stand_Watie Well-Known Member

    Was looking for this post, description of Russian gun ownership


  13. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    When did the Chechen fighters go from a legit independence movement to a religious terrorist group? Seriously, everything I've read indicates that in 94/95 they were fighting Russian invasion/occupation of Chechnya (and doing a darn good job of it, too). I haven't looked into what went on ater that war, though...
  14. Destructo6

    Destructo6 Well-Known Member

    Probably shortly after they failed to win. I suppose it's "total change" in Clauzwitz's "total war."
  15. RevDisk

    RevDisk Well-Known Member

    Standing Wolf pretty much hit it on the head. The Russians tried to obliterate Grozny and to a lesser extent the rest of Chechnya. Basically, pound the place flat. The idea is that if you "bomb them back to the Stone Age", eventually they'll give up.

    The problem is, sometimes they don't. Some people have a real aversion for foreigners trying to kill them because they live in the wrong place. They think the only way of stopping the Russians is to go after their civilians, especially their most defenseless civilians.

    Not saying what the Chechens are right to kill kids. I believe anyone that kills children have a special place waiting for them when they die, and it's not going to be a pleasant one. Understanding someone's rationale isn't the same thing as endorsing it.
  16. No. This round in Chechyna can't be pinned on Russian bad behavior.

    The Russians withdrew from Chechyna and gave it de fato independence after the first war there.

    Essentially, all that the Islamicists in the Chechynian Government had to do to achieve actual independence was wait 5-10 years. Instead they allowed AL-Queda to begin operating there, and with other harbored radical groups attempted to destabilize the local government in Dagestan, and carry out a series of massive terror attacks such as the apartment block bombings in Russia proper.

    For people who supposedly want their independence from Moscow they sure have done a fantastic job of ensuring that the Russians will need to stay.
  17. RevDisk

    RevDisk Well-Known Member

    Pretty much. Killing a large number of children will make Russia clamp down on Chechnya like a vice grip. Rightly so.
  18. Destructo6

    Destructo6 Well-Known Member

    Not only that, but will make foreign nations more reluctant to demand kid gloves with them.
  19. White Horseradish

    White Horseradish Well-Known Member

    When they asked their Islamic brothers for help and they came in and started running the show.
  20. vertigo7

    vertigo7 Well-Known Member

    Tiger info
    Tiger range report
    Tiger rifle

    Looks like a nice rifle. I wouldn't mind owning one. Anybody know if it's still imported?

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