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Thinking about a savage 24f

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ImARugerFan, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    I am going to be camping/hunting in the Adirondacks this fall and would like to do some small game hunting while deer hunting. I was going to carry a .22 pistol for a sidearm to take care of any rabbits, etc... I run into until I remembered the NY rules about not being able to carry rimfire during deer season. This is where the idea for the 24f came up. Are they junk? I am thinking 30-30/20ga would be nice.
  2. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member


    The only one I've used was an early model 24 don't remember the sufix, but it was .22mag rim fire .410 3" shotgun, It was my 2nd fire arm in 1962. It was a reliable and accurate.
  3. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    when I was growing up my uncle had one in .22mag/.410 it was great, I am looking for one now as my next gun purchase
  4. rust collector

    rust collector Well-Known Member

    Some of the Savage model 24s I have seen have been relatively heavy. Make sure to try out the type you propose to purchase before the money hits the counter, as it may not be a great solution for hiking.
  5. XnaV80

    XnaV80 Active Member

    I have an older one (22/.410). It's tough to get a good cheek weld down on the monte carlo stock to use the irons. And if you have a scope on it, it's a little harder to get the hammer back. So, my .02 says to look for a newer one. Got mine from my grandfather. I heard the air corps issued em as survival rifles back in the day...Good luck finding a 3030/20 combo though. I've been browsing for one myself. Haven't seen many out there.
  6. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    That is a good point, and I noticed Savage lists the gun at 8 pounds. I have however been looking at the NYS DEC website and can find nothing about the 'no rimfire' rule anymore. I wonder if it's still a rule, and whether or not it applies to handguns. I'd like to carry my model 94 and a buckmark.
  7. dbernie5

    dbernie5 Active Member

    Savage 24F

    I have a Savage Model 24F in 30-30/20ga. It is very accurate. I'm in the process of putting a scope on it, I haven't tried it yet with the scope. It is a bit heavy but, not that bad. I see them on the gun auction sites and occaisionally at my local Mom&Pop sporting goods store. They are around.
  8. Piney Woods

    Piney Woods Well-Known Member

    I have a newer one (synthetic stock) in .223 over 12 ga that I got specifically as a coyote gun. With Williams Fire sights (receiver mounted peep sight) it's pretty handy, but it is DEFINITELY heavy to carry.
  9. eastwood44mag

    eastwood44mag Well-Known Member

    Just realize you're looking at about $600.
  10. windjammer

    windjammer Well-Known Member

    I just sold one. .22/20ga. One very fine gun. I carried it all the time on my 4-wheeler. A 20ga 3"shell with #3 shot will take care of most anything.

    Of coarse the 22 is cheap to shoot. I sold because I can no longer hunt or shoot. I sold it for $400.00
  11. Bearhands

    Bearhands Well-Known Member

    I've got (2) two model 24's, both are 22mag/20ga.. the guns are good, they're accurate but kinda "clunky" to carry all day long. But whats not to love about those two calibers!?
  12. daniel (australia)

    daniel (australia) Well-Known Member

    Combinations are a very versatile bit of gear, but there are better ones than the Savage 24 IMHO. One major downside of this gun is that you don't have the instant availability of the two barrels, nor can you instantly fire the second barrel after the first. Instead you need to operate the selector and cock each time. I have also used a Tikka combo (also made for Savage at one time) which had a similar problem, though the .222 barrel it wore was very accurate.

    I have a Brno ZH304 myself, a 7x57R/12 ga combo, and I have used it for everything from small game and birds to deer. Unlike the above it is hammerless and has two triggers, so you can instantly choose barrels or fire the second as a follow-up. This is tremendously handy, and the rifle barrel is quite accurate enough for the purpose - less than 1.5moa for three shots (I have a Sightron SII 1.5-6 scope on it). A mate of mine ended up buying one like mine, and he has barrel sets in both 7x57R/12 ga and .22HP/12ga - the latter groups well under 1 moa. There were combination barrel sets made in various other calibres, and 12ga/12ga and 16ga/16ga sets too, and they are designed to be interchangeable without gunsmithing. This model isn't made any more of course, more's the pity, but I think it'd be worth looking for on the used market.

    The Baikal/EAA IZH 94 combo would be another one worth considering too. I have an IZH 94 double rifle in 9.3x74, and it is an honest functional piece.

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