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thinking about a sigma??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Cosmose, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Cosmose

    Cosmose Well-Known Member

    i've been thinking about getting a smith& wesson sigma.
    mainly for a woods-bum gun and back up for my glock 21 sf. and was wondering how bad the trigger pull was? how would it compare to my ruger p95 or kel-tec p11?

    thanks for any info:)
  2. FLA2760

    FLA2760 Well-Known Member

    I bought a SW40VE aka Sigma about a year ago. I liked so much I recently got the 9VE. With the rebate and the two additional magazines it is a great deal. The "enhanced" or the VE series have ironed out the problems that some had with the earlier versions. The Sigmas ship with two magazines. Both of my Sigma's have been 100% reliable. Some say the triggers are too hard but mine have broken in nicely. Oh I have a Kel Tec P11 and the Sigma trigger is much better IMO. My P11 has such a loooong pull.


    I got both of them from Buds.

  3. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    I have heard that the current gen models are much better, and I wouldn't know BUT,

    The 1st gen Sigma .40 was the worst gun I have ever owned. BY FAR. the front sight fell out, I had to have the feed ramp milled, and oh yeah, the trigger sucks. It's been a long time ago, and I hear S&W has worked hard to clean them up, but for ME, this business it too competitive to offer second chances.

    For the money I suppose it's ok, but for me, if I'm an a fight for my life, and on the ground there is a brick and a Sigma, I would think really hard about that brick before I picked up the Sigma.
  4. mr.72

    mr.72 Well-Known Member

    I really like mine. Not a single problem in 500 rounds so far. Ergonomics and comfort can't be beat (for me anyway). Only drawback is a rather hard trigger, but that's a two-sided coin in a self-defense weapon that does not use any manual safety.
  5. bragood

    bragood Well-Known Member

    I have a sigma 40 and really like it. too bad its for sale... Never had a problem with it and its easy to clean. The trigger takes some getting used to but Ive read that you can get a smith to adjust it (not my area of expertise).what more could you ask for? pm me if you keep thinking about it.
  6. rellascout

    rellascout member

    A friend of mine bought one for something like $200 with the free mags and the rebate.

    Its not a great gun but they go bang everytime you pull the trigger. More accurate than most shooters from a rest and did I mention it was cheap.

    It would not be my personal choice but at $200 you are making compromises. Not everyone like Marakovs.
  7. Rmart30

    Rmart30 Well-Known Member

    much better trigger on Sigma than the P11... Good deals on them on gunbroker
  8. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    There's nothing wrong with the Sigma.
    I've had an SW40F for a couple of years now.
    The ergonomics are fine and I don't worry about the trigger because I carry a PPK/S, if you catch my drift!! :scrutiny: ;)
  9. boostedxt

    boostedxt Well-Known Member

    awesome gun. I grew up shooting revolvers and dont find the trigger any worst. Its smooth and I can tell when its going to break. I like it a lot...I highly recommend getting one! you wont be disappointed.

  10. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Current production Sigma are very reliable and accurate guns for the money with a warranty service that is best in the industry should you need it.

    Only fly in the ointment is the trigger. If you are used to shooting Taurus revolvers DA, its not so bad. But if you are used to a good 1911 trigger, its awful indeed.

  11. gtmtnbiker98

    gtmtnbiker98 Well-Known Member

    I would spend the extra $$$ and get an M&P.
  12. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    I would save the money and get a Ruger P95......

    ...nothing wrong with the Sigma, but the Ruger is a far better gun for the same price....
  13. 357wheelgunner

    357wheelgunner Well-Known Member

    Sigmas are junk - horrible trigger, unreliable with HP ammo, etc.

    This has been my experience, at least...
  14. romeo212000

    romeo212000 Well-Known Member

    Run as fast as you can away from the Sigma. It has a horrid trigger, and has been known to break springs and pins. I have seen it happen twice myself. Spend a little extra and get an M&P. That is one fine gun.
  15. GZOh

    GZOh Well-Known Member

    Normally, S&W makes a great, reliable gun and totally stands behind it (lifetime warranty)... Sigmas, basically have had TRIGGER problems from the start. Alot of the newer ones have been corrected, alittle... but it's basically 'trigger-feel' and NOT so much mechanical.
    My first recommendation would be to shoot one!!! And see how YOU like the feel. Remember, they're sellin 'em for $200+ with magazine included, for a reason!
    I would ditto gtmtnbiker and romeo times two... save a couple extra $$ and go for the M&P-9... that's the better deal!
    Also, as mljdeckard kinda suggested.. What are ya gettin the gun for?... If it's self-defense or home-protection, I'd look in another direction!!!
  16. ronwill

    ronwill Well-Known Member

    I've had my Sigma SW9F (one of the originals) for many years and use it as my secondary carry weapon. Great accuracy and feel with no problems.
  17. mr.72

    mr.72 Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of people experienced problems with early Sigmas and have decided that Smith & Wesson is incapable of revising it. Of course if they lack faith in S&W to fix the Sigma design in 1.5 decades, why on earth would they trust them to design a whole new gun in that time period, or to make anything else reliable? It doesn't make any sense. Either way I think even as loud as their detractors are, you will find that the number of people with V-series Sigmas who have found them 100% absolutely reliable are the norm, and I have yet to find someone report a failure of a V-series Sigma (of course, now someone will on this forum).

    I have not tried a Ruger P95 and I don't know what they cost... If they are $300 new, with a lifetime warranty, including 4 mags, then indeed they may be a reasonable competitor to a Sigma.

    I'll eat my words if I can get my Sigma to jam or fail to feed or break a spring or firing pin within the first 10,000 rounds.
  18. mb419

    mb419 Well-Known Member

    My sister's boyfriend, who's a cop and quite anal about researching and buying anything, did lots of work testfiring different guns and ended up buying a Sigma, and this was quite a while ago. Has never had any problems with it, and it shot fairly well. Trigger pulls are something you will get used to. If you like it and it falls within your financial circumstances, then just go ahead and buy it. I've found it best to always go with your gut, especially on gun purchases. You are always going to find people, especially here, who have nothing good to say about anything other than the guns that they own. It's actually kind of funny. These threads always end up going exactly the same way.
  19. Cosmose

    Cosmose Well-Known Member

    thanks for all the replies, i may end up getting one:)

    by the way i have a ruger p95, remember i made mention of it in the first post:scrutiny: the p95 is a awesome gun
  20. GrampaJoe

    GrampaJoe New Member

    Sigma Sight Adjustment

    Just wanted to share a little info on my Sigma. I have always preferred revolvers and the trigger pull on the Sigma is more like a revolver than a typical semi. So, for me it's fine. On the first trip to the range, the shots were pulling to the right by about an inch at 21 ft. Rather than adjust the sights by trial and error, I used the depth gage on the end of my digital caliper, and trued up the sight at equal distances from the edges of the slide. (within .001 in.) Next trip to the range, it was right on target. It's a fine, reliable shooter.

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