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Thinking of selling the AR; should I?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Jack19, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Jack19

    Jack19 Well-Known Member

    I've got a RRA lower, Bushie Superlite upper AR, with a bunch of goodies (Aimpoint, LaRue mount and BUIS, 20 mags, discreet carry case, etc.), that I'm seriously considering selling in favor of a pistol caliber carbine.

    I've never fired it much, probably less than 200 rounds in 4 years, and I recently lost the place where I could shoot. I could join the local gun club, but it's an hour and a half each way and my schedule, these days, doesn't allow me the time.

    For me the advantage of a pistol caliber carbine is that the indoor range, a mile from my house, will let me shoot it indoors.

    However, the possibility of a Democrat being elected in '08 is very real and some part of me thinks that hanging onto it is a very good idea. On the other hand a pistol caliber carbine would actually let me shoot.

    So, I'm considering the following:

    1. An IMI Uzi.
    2. Marlin 1894 in .44 mag.
    3. Marlin 1894 in .357.

    I'm looking for some some practical advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    1, Get the Marlin in 357, Great gun and just plain works to 150 yards, a bit more with practice and handloads or premium loads(Corbon, etc)

    2, get a 9mm upper

    look at Hi-points (real inexpensive) or Keltec 2000 in the mag of your choice, Glock, S&W or Beretta.
  3. Gary G23

    Gary G23 Well-Known Member

    IMO selling the AR would be a big mistake. If you want to get a pistol caliber anything, get a pistol.
  4. ny32182

    ny32182 Well-Known Member

    Especially if its your only AR, I certainly wouldn't sell. Just keep in and buy a 9mm upper.
  5. GunnySkox

    GunnySkox Well-Known Member

    You can get an M261 .22LR conversion and a pile of magazine inserts (they fit inside normal 20 or 30 rounders) for about 250 bucks, all told. Olyarms makes their own and Sarco sells military surplus ones (I think) and someplace online sells the magazine inserts for less than 20 bucks.

    That's what I'm planning to spend at least some of my Christmas monies on (the rest is gonna get saved up for a newer, faster computer).

  6. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    Do NOT sell your AR

    To sell your AR would be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. With the pending "Dim-wit-ocrats" :barf: about to take us hostage, I would not sell any restriction-target firearm. In fact, if you can get yourself a Bushmaster Carbon 15 in 9mm THAT is what I would suggest you purchase. In about 2 years time, those will be for police only. Anyone want to take odds on that assertion?

  7. DogBonz

    DogBonz Well-Known Member

    Personally, I wouldn't

    The AR15 is a very versatile platform. The Indoor range that I used to go to before I moved let you shoot up to 30-06. It was only a 25 yard range, but shooting the AR at those ranges allowed for at least some form of training. Enough about me; back to your question. I feel that selling the AR would be a bad idea. Maybe you can find a nice 9mm upper somewhere on the cheap. Or, for about the same price you might be able to get a Wally special on a Marlin lever in the pistol calibers.

    Also, do you have anything currently in either 44 or 357? Ammo interchangeability would be key.
  8. Hero Gear

    Hero Gear Member

    I agree with the previous posts.
    If this is your only AR, I would keep it!

    In fact, you should think about buying several stripped lowers "just in case"
  9. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    keep what you have and get a 9mm upper, or either a kel tec or a hipoint or clairidge or some other much cheaper 9mm carbine. Yes I would seriously be worried about the dems too. There is a case right now, speerheaded by those dems, it is going to get to the supreme court real soon, saying that the 2nd is for the militia only, noct citizens.
  10. SchHrdKncks

    SchHrdKncks Member

    Don't sell. Not with the democrats being elected. Buy all the so called assault rifles you can the next year along with all the hi cap mags you can afford.
  11. Keith Wheeler

    Keith Wheeler Well-Known Member

    I'm a big time Uzi guy, we've got three of them, and I've gone on for way too much on this board about how much I really love my Uzis. Great guns.

    That said, don't sell the AR, keep it and get a 9mm upper. Buy an Uzi if it's a "must have" on your collection, but if you just want a pistol caliber carbine due to your range issue, I think the 9mm AR upper is a excellent choice. I want a 9mm upper for my AR, but I want the DEA type. :evil:

    On top of the "what if there's another AWB" risk, putting a 9mm upper on your AR will let you practice with the "same" rifle, if you are ever again in a situation to enjoy it in .223. And while an Uzi is rugged and reliable, an AR is light weight and modern. Plus it's far easier to attach optics to an AR.

    Get an Uzi mag-well adapter. Don't deal with STEN mags. Yeah, STEN mags are cheap, but you can get IMI made 32 rnd Uzi mags for $15 each (if you hurry! :)). More reliable and easier to load than STEN mags. Plus they're good solid military mags, like what an AR deserves.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2006
  12. Jack19

    Jack19 Well-Known Member

    I'm a moron. I never even thought about a 9mm upper. :banghead:

    This is why The High Road is the best board around.

    Thanks guys.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2006
  13. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Well-Known Member

    Get a 9mm upper, and then get another lower to go with it!:neener:

    No sense in breaking up a fine AR15 in .223 :D

    Lowers are the cheap part, so you might as well.
  14. xd9fan

    xd9fan Well-Known Member

    Not Me!! Good post, Keep the AR!!
  15. KW

    KW Well-Known Member

    One thing you might consider if you were planning on financing the pistol caliber by selling the AR, is just selling the Aimpoint and mount. You can usually get most of what you paid out of optics, and when you are ready to do a lot of .223 shooting in the future there will probably be something newer and better that you want.
  16. Nicky Santoro

    Nicky Santoro Well-Known Member

    Thinking of selling the AR; should I?
    Why not, if it suits your purposes at the moment. That would assume you could buy another at a later date should you so desire. That being said, in light of the new congress coming in, you might wish to consider whether another stupid ban of some sort may be enacted leaving you high and dry at that later date.
  17. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Well-Known Member

    Pistol caliber carbines are toys. Carbines in real rifle calibers are real rifles with real power and long range capabilities.

    Even as anemic as the .223 is to larger battle rifle calibers, it's still head and shoulders above even the most stout defensive pistol calibers.

    Everyman should own a rifle, a shotgun, a .22, and a defensive pistol. A pistol caliber carbine is a luxury item that serves in little more than for plinking. It should not be substituting the place of your rifle.

    Just my opinion.
  18. Simonovfan

    Simonovfan Well-Known Member

    I agree don't sell. When Hillary "Heinrich" Clinton gets in office it's all over. If anything get more, more I tell you. I'm selling alot of my non-gun stuff now, so that I can grab some milsurps.
  19. byf43

    byf43 Well-Known Member


    Here is my take. . . .

    Do NOT sell the AR. As the others have said, buy a 9mm upper, or heck, even the .50 Beauwolf (sp??) upper!!!!!

    Now, here's a word you need to use. . . SUPPLEMENT. Not replace.
    Replace is a bad word, in my book.

    You want (ahem, cough, cough - need) a Marlin 1894S (.44 magnum) lever rifle to supplement your AR.
  20. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    are you a shooter or a collector?

    if you want to own an AR just to own an AR, then fine. You sound like you'd rather be shooting. personally, i'd rather shoot BB guns than have a safe full of guns i never shoot.

    imho, there are a number of good pistol caliber carbines. pick a caliber first, then pick a gun

    in 45 acp, go with the H&K USC. despite the fact that it is grey, it works fantastically and for me at least, is far more aesthetically pleasing than stuff like camp carbines. if you want to spend some bucks, you can get UMP conversions to put a folding stock on it, etc.

    in 9mm, go with either the semi-auto uzi or mp5 clones

    consider the 5.7x28 before you buy something though. ammo's half the cost it was a year ago when i bought my PS90 and still falling. hold one before you buy anything else. 50 rnd mags rock, and that gun is super-easy to shoot.

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