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This could be a problem...

Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by gspn, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. gspn

    gspn Well-Known Member

    I just got my first decent pellet gun. It's not a high dollar gun like I've found some folks using...but it's a world better than the old Crossman 10 pump gun I'd been using for years.

    The old gun sat in the laundry room and saw occasional use to ambush squirrels (they chew on my house...they die).

    As I start to research air guns I am astounded by how technical this arena is. These airguns have some really compelling features. First...I don't have to go to a range to shoot. Second...they have the ability to satisfy my need to chase accuracy. Third...the squirrels won't hear me pumping 10 times and get a head start.

    I can see how this could become addictive.
  2. RussB

    RussB Well-Known Member

    I agree on all counts :)

    I strongly feel that everyone should own (at least!) one high quality air gun. They provide a lifetime of shooting pleasure, and will improve your overall shooting technique
  3. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    Yesiree, I love these guns as well! After squirrels damaged the wiring harness on my Toyota a few years ago, I got my hands on a .177 Gamo Whisper and declared a jihad on those little fellows. I nailed two of them just this morning, both head shots.

    I'm now flirting with the notion of getting a second one, likely the 2300KT pistol from Crosman's Custom Shop.

    What ammo shortage?
  4. ChaoSS

    ChaoSS Well-Known Member

    Addictive? I just realized that I just spent more on a pellet rifle than the last, probably, 3 guns I bought. (individually, not together) Mostly inexpensive C&R stuff, but hey, still, it's more money on an air gun than a real gun.

    And I'm eyeballing some PCP toys that would cost more than any firearm I own.

    This could definitely be a problem.
  5. craftsman

    craftsman Well-Known Member


    Even more so if you decide to get the air tank to fill, instead of a pump. The pump will at least give you some exercise, and after the initiqal purchase, filling is "free". My Benji Marauder tales about 20 PSI per pump, but shoots 50 PSI per .22 cal. pellet. Needs to be up over 2500 for optimal performance. So, a 10-shot magazine (500 PSI) - 25 pumps to get it back up. Nearly $500 for the air rifle and another $200 for the pump.

    But you are sooooooo right (addictive).
  6. gspn

    gspn Well-Known Member

    I blew through my first pack of pellets quickly. With the time change I was no longer able to shoot after work...it was dark by the time I got home. I quickly determined that I could use my head lamp that I normally use while fishing/hiking/camping, and strap it to the shoe box I'm using as a target. It worked perfectly. It illuminated the shoot-n-see target and I was back in business.

    Tonight I went to the store and bought a sample pack of Gamo pellets. I shot 10 shots of each of the standard velocity pellets to see how they grouped. One shot better than the other and then I moved on to the light weight alloy pellets.

    When I dropped the hammer on the first one I got quite a surprise. kaPOW!!! I wasn't prepared for the sonic crack of that little pellet heading downrange. I quit at that point...it was way too loud for the backyard after dark. I'll try them again tomorrow when the sun is up.

    I have a good collection of firearms and was at a point where i didn't need to add anything else to the collection. But now that i've discovered these little guns...I might just take things in a new direction. I've pulled the trigger about 200 times in the past week...this is downright fun.
  7. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh, sounds like you're in for a lot of trouble. Good thing you're not my neighbor … or I'd be up shooting with you!
  8. RussB

    RussB Well-Known Member

    I have oddly avoided the PCP urge, even though I have scuba tanks and filling accessories left over from my (and my son's) paintball playing days. I find the utter simplicity of a break-barrel air gun refreshing
  9. ChaoSS

    ChaoSS Well-Known Member

    Craftsman, that really doesn't sound too bad with the pumping. Considering multi pump rifles can take twice that much pumping, it seems pretty reasonable. I'm not sure how easy it would be for more to get a tank filled where i live, so if i didn't want to hand pump i would need to buy the expensive electric pumps. You know, one of these days, when i win the lottery....

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