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This is what I am looking for in a Revolver

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Fat Boy, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy Well-Known Member

    These are the things I would like to find in a "one-gun" for all purposes-

    1. Durability- Ruger Security Six, gp100, sp101, Blackhawks, Redhawks come to mind-
    2. Shorter barrels; 3" - 4" preferred
    3. Smooth action (Smith & Wesson)
    4. "Target" (wider) trigger face and hammer - Smith & Wesson "target" guns?
    5. "hand-filling" grips (Charter Arms .44 special bulldog)
    6. Blue-steel and wood grips preferred
    7. Simplicity of function- like the Ruger Security Six etc. trigger group being easily detachable

    What is my best option?

  2. Ratshooter

    Ratshooter Well-Known Member

    Your wish has all the earmarks of a S&W model 19 with a 4" barrel and the target trigger and target hammer. The Ruger security would be a close second.

    I just bought a security six with a 4" barrel and first year production. I liked it so much I bought a second one made in 1986. Darn good guns. The Smith has a better trigger but when it cools down a little and I can work in my garage without having a heat stroke the triggers on the rugers will be better than they are now. I did the trigger on my GP 100 and its very close to a S&W trigger. Good enough anyway.
  3. Steve CT

    Steve CT Well-Known Member

    The true "one revolver for all purposes" is the Dan Wesson 15-2/715
    1) Just about the strongest DA .357 you will find
    2) Pick your barrel length 2"'4"/6"/8", etc. Change barrel length in about 1 minute
    3) Smooth trigger, different from S&W, but still nice
    4) Target hammer & trigger-it's pretty good
    5) Wide variety of grips, including custom ones and a rough inletted block to carve your own (yes, they are still available)
    6) Many 30+ year old 15-2 DW's still carry a mirror like polished blue
    7) Very simple internals that easily lend themselves to cleaning and tuning
  4. captain awesome

    captain awesome Well-Known Member

    I have to second what Steve said with all your criteria Dan Wesson is what came to mind. I also recently came to the conclution that I will be purchasing a model 19 sometime in the near future. Either way you have made a good choice.
  5. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    It depends on what you mean by "all purposes."

    CCW? Hunting? Competition?

    A 4" is the best "all around," doing most things pretty well, but none extremely well.

    Don't forget the Dan Wesson may require you to sight in the barrel each time you put it on.
  6. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    And once you tension the barrel of a DW, LEAVE IT ALONE. Too many people take it apart 'because they can'.

    Sounds to me like you want a SW 19 as well.

    The GP-100 is a great gun but those grips are sure NOT 'hand filling'.
  7. wrs840

    wrs840 Well-Known Member

    Troll the pawn shops for a used S&W, and I agree with the 3 or 4"bbl idea. I used to be stuck on blue and wood too. Like me, you might get over it when you become afraid to wear any more bluing off by holstering the kind of wonderful example of a 90s S&W that you can still buy reasonably priced by doing your research and legwork. The Stainless finish and many iterations of the S&W rubber grip (or aftermarket Pachmayrs) can really grow on you after a while.
  8. 56hawk

    56hawk Well-Known Member

    I'd say check out the S&W 627. Eight shots of 357, a four inch barrel, and you get the larger N frame grips.
  9. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    Other than the removable trigger group, it sounds like you are looking for a S&W 586.
  10. Bernie Lomax

    Bernie Lomax Well-Known Member

    Get a Speed Six with 2 3/4" barrel and put on Pachmayrs and have an action job done on it. That sounds like your best bet to me.
  11. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    you don't mention sights, but the 581 also comes to mind
  12. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a 4" King Cobra fits most of your list....

  13. fatcpa

    fatcpa Well-Known Member

    I'll agree with those that say that the S&W Model 19 fits the bill. I recently bought a S&W Model 686 SSR, a fairly high dollar (for me) gun. It's a nice gun, but I'll take my Model 19-3 with 4" barrel any day. The old Smith has the best trigger of any revolver I've ever owned.
  14. 340PD

    340PD Well-Known Member

    586Lcomp 7 shot
  15. warnerwh

    warnerwh Well-Known Member

    First thing that came to mind is a Dan Wesson 15-2. Steve gave an accurate response. Also Dan Wessons are more than likely the most accurate production double action revolvers ever made.
  16. roaddog28

    roaddog28 Well-Known Member

    Too me its this one I own.
    Model 19 4 inch
    Followed by this one
    Ruger Police Service Six
  17. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    Just reading your description, immediately brought to mind, "He's describing a Ruger Security Six with a Hogue Monogrip attached."

    If the increase in size (K-frame cylinder/L-frame frame) doesn't bother you, the Dan Wesson M15-2 is also excellent and fits your description well...besides offering more flexibility and accuracy

  18. PreMod70

    PreMod70 Well-Known Member

    That one is easy, nothing was said about cost so a Smith 27-2 with the 3 1/2" barrel.
  19. ghitch75

    ghitch75 Well-Known Member

    +1 here....but i like Smith's too..

  20. c1ogden

    c1ogden Well-Known Member

    I'll second the vote for the S&W Model 19 or its stainless steel version, the Model 66.

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