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This One TOPS My "Most Wanted" List

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by 45Broomhandle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member




    In the years I've been searching for this little cheapie, I've only had one guy respond that he had one, but wasn't sure he wanted to sell it. Never heard from him again.

    HELP! I'm still searching for one.

    Thanks in advance. Best regards, ~~~45Broomhandle

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2007
  2. MillerTimeLV

    MillerTimeLV Active Member

    Just a bump for you... never heard of this gun but sounds interesting. did you do a searchon the internet? google or something...
  3. MillerTimeLV

    MillerTimeLV Active Member

    Try thegunman.com and call the number from that website.
  4. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member

    Thanks For The Bump

    I've had very good luck with Google Alerts on several "wanted" guns, and made some good buys I would have missed out on otherwise. Also used "Saved Search" at online auctions, and send "Wanted" list of guns to various big dealers, and larger auction houses.

    Bought a good number of guns using these methods, but no luck with the S-M Sporter excep the ONE guy I mentioned. He ignores my email queries now. There's a gun that will probably end up being thrown out someday, or stashed into a basement and forgotten.

    I've also had great luck finding guns I wanted through this and various other gun forums. I'll try that websit. Thanks!

    Best regards, ~~~45Broomhandle


    Yes, there IS a place for all of God's creatures: right next to the potatoes and gravy.
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  5. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member


    I've at last located an SM, offered at an out-of-state auction. The auction house has no clue what, when, where, why, who, etc. and insist it be handled as ineligible for C&R since it's a cartridge gun. Even though the owner told them he thought it was from the '30s. I've explained that it was made ONLY in 1953, making it over 50-years-old and C&R eligible, and cited American Rifleman info to that effect. However, it's NOT stated in that Rifleman article as to when production ENDED. The auction house says they MUST have reputable documentation as to the date for END of production.

    My references do NOT give the end date! Does anyone out there have some written documentation that I could furnish these people? If so, I've got to submit it quickly, otherwise I have to go through an FFL dealer and pay for its transfer. No time to get a ruling from ATF or request end date info from them, which very well might have.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, ~ ~ ~ 45B
  6. HammerBite

    HammerBite Well-Known Member

    So, after searching for years and finally finding one, you are quibbling about a transfer fee?

    Buy the thing!!
  7. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member

    Who's Quibbling?

    NOPE! No quibble, no haggling. And, I've already told them I'm resigned to having to go through my local FFL dealer. And, I've submitted an absentee bid that's higher than the one they estimated as top dollar.

    What ticks me off is that I obtained (and paid for) my C&R in order to avoid added charges like this. Some local dealers charge $50 or more for transfers. They intensely dislike internet sales.

    I'm just asking for help.

    Best regards, ~ ~ ~ 45B

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  8. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Well-Known Member

    I can see why you want one due to the rarity, but I can also see why they didn't last long on the market.

    Why would you need automatic ejection with a single shot? It would appear to me that accuracy would be enhanced without the ejection, and if you have to hand load it you might as well open the action to eject the spent shell.
  9. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member

    Good point, Sistema1927

    Information I've read on these is that the gun was VERY fragile in every respect. And, the great numbers immediately being returned or needing repairs was too much. Sydney Manson himself told one writer that it suffered from too many design problems. Even the grips! Would you believe it didn't have a GRIP FRAME? the grips were one single piece of molded plastic held on by a long bolt up into the action. Evidently, even the grips were breaking off!!!

    Best regards, ~ ~ ~ 45B
  10. HammerBite

    HammerBite Well-Known Member

    I feel better now that I know that you are going to get it regardless. It is an interesting gun. Hope you win!
  11. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    Very cool... be sure to share pics with us!
  12. 45Broomhandle

    45Broomhandle Well-Known Member

    IF and WHEN, guys! IF and WHEN! I don't consider it part of my herd 'til I've got 'er in the barn.

    Will do pics with historical notes gathered, IF and WHEN!

    Best regards, ~ ~ ~ 45B

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