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Thoughts/ opinions on the Savage 300?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Texan Scott, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    Planning on adding a mag-fed (not tube) 22lr to the stable. Been feeling its lack, a definite empty spot on the must-have list for a long while. Was going to default to a 10/22 (nostalgia) but am wondering about the merits of a cheap simple boltie (never had one). Anybody have experience with a savage stevens 300? Are they reliable? Reasonably accurate (sub inch at 25 yds would do fine) ? Worth the (admittedly small) price tag?
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  2. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    To broaden the question a little, does anyone have a favorite mag-fed, bolt action 22lr in current production? What's its pricepoint, and what makes it good/ worth it?
  3. Wil Terry

    Wil Terry Well-Known Member

    THOUGHT THIS was to be about the 300SAVAGE cartridge.
  4. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I have three (well, two are still in production).

    My Anschutz M1712 Silhouette, with a roll-over cheekpiece and trigger adjustable for reach has a great barrel and is what I think the finest .22lr available without going the custom production route (Cooper). I think they are in the $1.5k range before adding a scope and rings.

    My more casual bot action is the CZ 452 American which is a nice mid-price rifle...I paid <$300 for it from CDNN.

    My best buy is a Romanian M-69 which has folding Express sights and is accurate beyond all reason for the $70 I gave for it. You'll usually find them among surplus rifles

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