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Three strikes in a row with Vortex.

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by .Scarecrow., Apr 11, 2013.

  1. .Scarecrow.

    .Scarecrow. Well-Known Member

    Thus far I have owned 3 seperate Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scopes, that being they all had different serial numbers. All three of them have experienced flaking from recoil and even something as little as closing the bolt on the rifle (AR). I was using a LaRue LT-104 and the screws were set to 17 inch pounds with blue loctite. The bottom screws were tightened first as instructed. At this point I have given up on Vortex and I am moving to a Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR 1-4x24, people seem to like that scope quite a bit. Anyone have any idea what could be happening with these Vortex scopes? This doesn't seem to be a coincidence, they even test fired the 3rd scope for me but I didn't experience problems until just a little later down the line.
  2. Allen in MT

    Allen in MT Well-Known Member

    I have three of them and haven't had a single problem, I don't have the PST only the Vipor HS. A number of friends also have one and no problems there.
  3. aubie515

    aubie515 Well-Known Member

    I've owned Vortex and Hi Lux...if you don't like Vortex, I promise you aren't going to be happy with Hi Lux.

    I've never heard of any Vortex owners having that many issues with Vortex optics, so not sure what to say. I do know one thing and that is Vortex CS is outstanding as I had to use it once.
  4. taliv

    taliv Moderator


    what do you mean by flaking? i seem to recall you describing it once before but i didn't get it
  5. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    I've experienced a possible "flaking" situation with one scope and it took two trips back to Leupold to fix the issue. Reticles in scopes are statically charged and if there's any debris inside the scope the debris tends to be attracted to the reticle. In my case I don't know if the debris was from the inside coating of the scope tube (flaking) or general contamination during assembly. I had a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm mounted on a Remington 700 Alaskan Ti chambered in .300 WSM and after a trip to the range a large black spot appeared in the field of view. It went back to Leupold but another large black spot showed up during the next range session so back it went again. It's been fine since then.

    I have three Zeiss Conquest scopes and one of them has a small black spot in the field of view but it's not enough to bother with at this point.
  6. .Scarecrow.

    .Scarecrow. Well-Known Member

    After reading that 1858 I think when I send it back I will make sure they know to get all loose debris out and not just clean the lenses.
  7. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    .Scarecrow., I have a couple of LaRue LT-104 mounts and the rings are as true as anything on the market and 17 in-lb won't crush a scope tube. Based on your problems with three different scopes, I have to wonder if Vortex had a bad batch of tubes or some contamination in the assembly room.

    I have more than a few Leupold Mark 4 scopes so I knew that the problem I had was unusual but I give you credit for sticking with Vortex as long as you have. I don't think I would have been so understanding if I had the same issue with three different scopes.
  8. Beentown

    Beentown Well-Known Member

    I have 8 Vortex scopes including two of the exact same ones you have. Nary the issue....
  9. .Scarecrow.

    .Scarecrow. Well-Known Member

    Well 1858 the reason I am sticking with them thus far is because this is THE perfect scope for me and the way I see it is that there is no reason I can't own this model and not have problems. Everyone else that has one loves it and doesn't have issues so I don't see why I can't be the same eventually. Being that their customer care is so good it makes it easy to work out a solution with them.
  10. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    .Scarecrow., is Vortex paying for the shipping back to them each time? Leupold has never covered the cost of shipping back to them but they did fix the scope. Paying $20 to ship a scope two or three times adds up.

    I have no personal experience with Vortex but for the most part have heard good things about them. I recently considered a Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50mm but opted for a Nightforce NXS F1 instead.

    Anyway, I hope you get this issue resolved.
  11. 98f150

    98f150 Well-Known Member

    What do you expect from Chinese junk

    I am a firm beliver in you get what you pay for. Buy Chinese crap it won't last very long.
  12. oldfortyfiveauto

    oldfortyfiveauto Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch of Vortex optics. They are my binoculars of choice. I've only had a problem with one, a Sparc and it was promptly replaced.
  13. Haxby

    Haxby Well-Known Member

    True enough.
    And you can even have problems with a $500 scope from the Philippines, like, for instance, a Vortex Viper.
  14. oldfortyfiveauto

    oldfortyfiveauto Well-Known Member

    Over the years I've seen problems with all brands. I've settled in on Leupold and Vortex. As long as you stay with a name brand and note their bottom dollar lines you will generally be ok. Vortex has become a name brand.

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