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tiger stripe on Hawken pistol

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by flibuste, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. flibuste

    flibuste Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  2. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    That is a pretty stout load for a pistol. How bad does it kick?
  3. woodnbow

    woodnbow Well-Known Member

    Beautiful, tigerstripe, fiddleback, I love that! How did you accomplish it?
  4. flibuste

    flibuste Well-Known Member

    That is a pretty stout load for a pistol. How bad does it kick? 
    With maximum loads, recoil is heavier compared to a Desert Eagle cal50 shot the same day. However these loads were for testing the strengh of the repair ; now I rather use 40grs BP with REAL and that is more comfortable.

    How did you accomplish it? 
    The stripes were painted with black "Indian Ink" ; wood was stained and varnished eventually.

    The scars of the repair are less noticeable now.
  5. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

    It looks good to me.And being that you tested the barrel out with a max load,it looks like you won't have any problems with it.Nice Tiger striping:cool:
  6. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    I can't tell where it was broke?
  7. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    How did you fake the stripes?
  8. flibuste

    flibuste Well-Known Member

    The same way as this deringer : black india ink with a brush



    then, stain with india ink


    and varnish

    That is it .................

    Another one :



    and the same before :

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  9. woodnbow

    woodnbow Well-Known Member

    Nice! Thanks for that... now I know what to do with plain jane pistol stocks!
  10. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    That's some of the best-looking fakery I've seen. Ususally it looks like a monkey went to town with a permanent marker and a blow torch. Nice job!

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