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Tired of spending!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Jurist, May 24, 2011.

  1. Jurist

    Jurist Well-Known Member

    $500.00,$600.00 $700.00 bucks on each firearms purchase,how about your input.
  2. M-Cameron

    M-Cameron member

    find a less expensive hobby.
  3. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    I feel you. Try splitting firearms and car audio hobbies. Both cost lots of $$$. :uhoh:
  4. Whiskey11

    Whiskey11 Well-Known Member

    Well.... Firearms and racing Mustangs are both expensive... Thankfully, right now I haven't been racing my 'stang so I have more for shooting :D I just wish I could swing the 1k$ for a new barrel for the R700 :)
  5. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    What did you expect, freebies? Like any hobby, you gotta pay to play. If it's getting to be too much for you, stop buying guns or get a second job. :D
  6. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    I dunno. I thought it was funny one day when my wife commented that I had spent less money each month when I was buying a lot of guns, compared to the money I was spending on cigars, cigar accessories & cigar lounge memberships (which included adult beverages suitable for enjoying with fine cigars, of course) ...
  7. RimfireChris

    RimfireChris Well-Known Member

    Yeah, unfortunately, the prices are what the market will bear. I do think it's getting a bit ridiculous. I mean, almost $700 for a Mini-14, at Walmart?! :what: C'mon, seriously? S&W, a company I love, and think they make the best revolvers on the planet, has really priced themselves outta the market for a lotta folks. There's a reason I bought two Tauruses. I keep trolling for used S&Ws, but the ones in good shape aren't a lot better, and what's more, most guys are holding on to theirs, as they know they can't afford to replace them, something I wish I could have forseen when I sold my two ten years ago. :banghead:
  8. dirtykid

    dirtykid Well-Known Member

    The cost of gun dosent bother me as the price of GOOD optics costing almost as much,
  9. beeenbag

    beeenbag Well-Known Member

    To me the thrill of bringin home a new baby everynow and then is just as fulfilling as shooting. I don't like dropping piles of cash on anything but then again, if they were 30 bucks a piece there wouldn't be as much of a "reward" in buying them.
  10. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    Or splitting it with building hot rods, trucks and bikes. My gun money has to be rationed against:

    1990 Jeep Commanche, stock (shop truck)
    1984 Honda Interceptor 750, chopped & satin black
    1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z 2.2, FM stage II .68AR, NP555
    1983 Dodge Ramcharger, 5" & 35's (trail rig)
    1978 Dodge Aspen Coupe, MSD'd and Quick Fueled'd 440, built 727,
    1969 Dodge Charger R/T, still awaiting Drivetrain
    1966 Kaiser M35A2 6x6 w/w, restored, awaiting super singles
    1951 Dodge D-100 pick-up, 390 HP 360, built 904, 4.11 Posi, etc.

    You have to go in cycles when you have more than one expensive hobby. One year, I might be all about the guns. The next two may be few or no gun related purchases, everything going into the cars.
  11. ErikO

    ErikO Well-Known Member

    What MachIV said. Another hobby I have is high-powered rocketry. Guns should be far cheaper and easier to accomodate.
  12. JerryM

    JerryM Well-Known Member

    Shooting is a rather expensive sport. However, use your head and do not spend what you don't have. "A fool and his money are soon parted."
    Include your sports in your budget and stick with it.

  13. dirtykid

    dirtykid Well-Known Member

    I was all with ya MachIV until i saw the HONDA,, :barf: An old MOPAR-nut myself but my 2-wheeler carries an expensive label >> HD <<
    (2003 V-Rod) Somebody told me when i bought it the HD stands for hundred-dollars,cause they said that's what ya spend every trip to store,, in that case it should be >3HD (usuall no less than $300) every trip !! :banghead:

    HGUNHNTR Well-Known Member

    We have been raised to be a nation of consumers. If you are dissapointed in what you are able to afford, save up for your next firearm purchase and book a plane ticket to a third world country. I recently spent a couple weeks in Morocco, but any will do. Spend a week or so bumming around, and voila! your perspective has changed. You may even feel a bit guilty about how you could even responsibly consider spending that type of money on a hobby. I'm not saying its bad, I love the heck out of gun collecting myself. Hey it might help ya out.
  15. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    I'm into fast cars, bikes, quads, audio too. Like my folks used to tell me "You better get a good job, you have expensive hobbies"
    Oh well, it could be worse. I could be into airplanes or boats.
  16. stsimons

    stsimons Well-Known Member

    Geez, when I was big into offshore fishing we could burn $500 worth of gas in a day and sometimes not have anything to show for it except being sunburned, wet, and tired. I usually build up my guns incrementally buying a barrel here or a stock there etc so I don't notice the cost as much, and neither does the Mrs...
  17. gym

    gym member

    Comparing it to other things, I would have to say that smoking cigarettes alone would pay for hundreds of guns over 50 years of smoking. So it's all relative. I wish I had just the money I spent on my vices over the last 30-40 years. We all need something to enjoy and occupy our time. If not this, than something just as if not more expensive. At 60 dollars a carton, if I and the wife still smoked, that would be $480 a month, there is a gun in there someware. That's without Cigars, booze, etc. If you spend money on a good bottle of Scotch Burbon or Vodka, and smoke, you really can't complain about how expensive guns are.
    Same goes for anything else. When you are young and have a good income, you don't think about this stuff, as you get a little older, you tend to pick the stuff that you like the most and eliminate the others, unless you have unlimited funds. Cars don't really exite me anymore, I still drive a Mercedes, but likelly the last time I do that, my wife got a Mazda 5 door, 2 weeks ago and I like driving that little bugger more than my car. So you adjust your life as you go on to exlude things that don't matter as much and concentrate on the ones that do. Just my nickles worth.
  18. Jonah71

    Jonah71 Well-Known Member

    Can't and won't do it anymore since I don't have any I want to trade away, there are no gun purchases in my near future. (really!)
  19. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    Start buying Hi-Points, Taurus', Comm-Bloc Mil-Surplus, Ruger P-series, H&R/NEF, and used guns.;)
  20. You're absolutely right! Quit buying guns, and buy $500 worth of primers, start loading, and learn how to shoot them.

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