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TN Senator Corker's Reponse To My Letter

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Kentucky, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Kentucky

    Kentucky New Member

    Well here is an answer finally, weeks after I had contacted him asking him to vote against the Holder nomination. I was also addressed as Ms. instead of Mr.:uhoh:

    To me, his two main points were that he believes the President has the leeway to appoint who he wants as AG as long as the appointee is qualified, and oh by the way I love guns. I will probably write back and make the point that Holder's apparent disdain for the Supreme Law of the land, in particular the Second Amendment of the Constitution, DOES make him unfit for the office he was nominated for.
  2. Atticum

    Atticum New Member

    dang i wrote him a letter a month ago. no response
  3. RedAlert

    RedAlert New Member

    Like selecting any person for a job, there are more than one point of view. Even if he personally does not support the Second Ammendment as long as he upholds the law then he is suitable for the position.
    There are too many "flash points" in our society. You can hold personal views against many of them and as long as you uphold the law you can serve in the position.

    Sounds like your Lawmaker is a sound individual, based on the quoted comments above.


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