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Tokarev Problem

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Mikaelm, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    I got a Romanian TT-33 Tokarev pistol and I got some problems with it.

    Sometimes if I have the slide locked back and then release it, the hammer will fall to half cock. If I let the slid go forward slowly it never happens. Also when I have a mag in, if I touch the hammer at all when I pull the trigger(like when I try to let the hammer down softly) it will lock back and the trigger will lock up. But if I got no mag in or I dont touch the hammer at all then it is fine.
    If anyone knows what is wrong or how to fix it I would love to know. I have not shot it yet because I am worried about the falling hammer.

  2. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    You need to get it to a gunsmith before shooting the gun as the hammer follow is a precursor to full automatic or accidental discharge both dangerous situations. It shouldn't be too expensive and fixing this type of problem is best left to an experienced gunsmith and not as a first time repair for a hobbyist. Cut the notch wrong and you'll ruin the hammer and need a new one which is likely more expensive than paying a professional to do it right the first time.

    The hammer following the slide is likely a poorly cut or inadequate sear notch on the hammer. It could also be a broken sear. The sear and hammer connection is bouncing out of engagement when you drop the slide without some slowing or cushoning from round being fed from the magazine or you slowing it down with your hand.
  3. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    Could it be posible that the noch on the hammer is cloged with cosmoline or something like that? I am going to buy some pait thinner and take apart and clean the hammer group. If that fail I gusse I got to go to a gun smith. Would that also explain my second problem?

    I was thinking of just loading one round and see if it operates well when shot.

    One other thing is when I got the hammer in full cock if I try to push on the hammer to make it fall it wont but when I releas the slide it falls.
  4. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    What do you think a gunsmith would charge for a fix like this?
  5. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    If the problem is simply a poorly cut sear notch then a smith will probably charge you whatever their minimum shop rate is. Many (many) years ago I had a Star PD with the same problem and the gunsmith I took it to charged me $20 to fix it but that was 1978 rate. Still less than I had expected. If its a broken or bad sear then it will be an additional cost for a new or replacement part.

    Your problem could be the cosmoline. A trick to removing cosmoline is to use boiling water to clean it off. Solvents don't take it off that easy. The hot water will "flash" off and the part will be dry quickly. Then oil it to prevent any rust and to provide lubrication.
  6. makarovnik

    makarovnik Well-Known Member

    Go to www.sksman.com and ask about a new hammer assembly. Nice thing about these pistols is the entire hammer and sear assembly come right out.
  7. mcdonl

    mcdonl Well-Known Member

    Good luck. I have a 9mm knock off (Norinco L213) and they are great, fun shooters. I hope it works out well for you.

    If not, want to sell me your grips? lol... sorry... couldn't resist.
  8. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    I know I read this somewhere but can remember where but how do you test for hammer follow on a Tokarev. Is this right?

    Cock the gun, pull the trigger and slowly lower the hammer, hold the trigger in and rack the slide. And the hammer should stay up.

    Thanks for the replies. I realy do like this gun. Just cant wait to be able to shoot it.
  9. DrakeGmbH

    DrakeGmbH Well-Known Member

    My Romanian Tokarev had a problem with hammer follow when I first bought it. I did a functions check as you described - cocked the hammer, pulled the trigger and held it to the rear, cycled the slide by hand and the hammer did not fall and the disconnector functioned properly. The problem was this test was not 'violent' enough to cause the problem. The first shot worked fine, each subsequent shot resulted in the hammer at half-cock.

    This test produced hammer follow for me-
    Cock the hammer, pull the trigger and hold to the rear. Retract the slide and hold open with the slide lock. While still holding the trigger, press the slide lock and allow the slide to slam forward.

    The problem with mine was a very shallow sear notch on the hammer. I bought a new hammer and sear (about $40 total from Numrich) but I was unable to remove the sear spring to install it on the new sear. The replacement hammer would not fit my Romanian's hammer pack, either. At wit's end I used a file to cut the sear notch deeper and smoothed the surface with a bit of fine grit paper.

    No further repairs were needed - it's been functioning perfectly for the past two years now. I recently bought a Polish Tokarev. It did not demonstrate hammer follow but the feed lips were too tight and the slide failed to return to battery without a nudge from my thumb. A bit of filing and test-firing got that fixed. The primer hits still show drag marks, so I believe replacement springs are in order.
  10. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    "This test produced hammer follow for me-
    Cock the hammer, pull the trigger and hold to the rear. Retract the slide and hold open with the slide lock. While still holding the trigger, press the slide lock and allow the slide to slam forward."

    So if I do that the hammer should stay cocked?
  11. DrakeGmbH

    DrakeGmbH Well-Known Member

    Yes, the hammer should remain cocked after this test. If not, the sear is slipping off the hammer.
  12. Mikaelm

    Mikaelm Member

    OK, I filed the sear noch very lightly with a fine diamond file and it dose not show hammer follow unless I have the trigger pulled and it only happens sometimes. Which is an improvement to the almost constant hammer follow I was experiencing earlyer. Maybe I will file it a little more and test it out.

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