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Tough double-action .357?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Buck13, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Buck13

    Buck13 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of getting a DA .357, 6" barrel or longer. I would probably shoot mostly typical major-brand factory loads (158 gr. 12XX fps) or equivalent hand-loads, but also some (meaning a box or two per year) top-shelf stuff: not crazy Internet-only levels, but full-on "official" published load data or Buffalo Bore (BTW, is Buffalo Bore thought to be off-the-books level, or very high but published?).

    What model DA revolvers would you expect to hold up well to a little abuse? Either new production, or fairly common on the used market. Factory-drilled for scope mounts a plus, but not a solid requirement.
  2. jp9mm

    jp9mm Well-Known Member

    Gp100 or 686.
  3. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    Gp100 or pre-1997 686
  4. Alec

    Alec Well-Known Member

    What happened after 1998?
  5. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    I erred and edited

    In 1997 they went to MIM triggers
  6. Iggy

    Iggy Well-Known Member

    L or N frame S&Ws.
  7. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    You'll get more responses for GP-100 I bet. But my choice is an N frame Smith, my 28 to be specific. They are actually lighter than the GP-100 or 686 and as tough as they come.
  8. Buck13

    Buck13 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I let my dad sell off one of each 5 or 6 years ago...
  9. BigJimP

    BigJimP Well-Known Member

    I think you'll be best off with a S&W ( L frame is the 686 model ) ...or the bigger N frame ( model 27 or 28 ).....personally, my model 27's in 4" and 6" are the guns I shoot the most ..at least in double action.

    I also have a Freedom Arms...single action, 5 shot, large frame, 4 3/4" octaganol barrel made in .357 mag that I shoot a lot...

    I shoot almost exclusively 158gr JHP's ( all reloads...) but the L or N frames will eat anything you can possibly throw at them...especially the N frames.
  10. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I personally like the S&W M-627, but it is mostly because of how the action feels.

    If your tough requirement is paramount, I'd look into the Ruger Super Redhawk...it comes with rings for mounting a scope


    ...did you ask about a long barrel?

  11. Todd93843

    Todd93843 Member

    holy cow! LOL isn't that thing more of a rifle than a revolver???
  12. WoodchuckAssassin

    WoodchuckAssassin Well-Known Member

    The Ruger 100's and S&W 686's have it!

    I've never owned/shot a GP100, but I trust Ruger to build all their guns to last 10,000 years. I DO own and shoot a 686 no-dash (circa 1983), and if you can find a used one, you'll be very happy. They're strong as hell, and have a nice, crisp trigger - breaking at 3 pounds. Besides the S&W trigger being a little better, either will make you happy.
  13. beag_nut

    beag_nut Well-Known Member

    I have a GP100, 6" barrel. Shooting "mild" mags through it feels like a .22. Full-blown max .357 mag loads are tame. Its accuracy is phenomenal. And unlike a Smith, it has no sideplates to ever loosen.
    By the way, when did a Redhawk ever come in .357?
    And, I wish the GP's had those integral sight mount positions, also.
  14. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    Fugly! It's a .44mag snubby with a long barrel stuffed inside.

    GP100 is my vote.
  15. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    Model 28 S&W N frame revolverws are fairly common and will take most any sane load. A 686/586 would be good 2nd (maybe 1st) choice.
    A Ruger GP100 is a great revolver. I just like the feel of the Smith trigger better. Now, if I could ONLY buy a Ruger, I would still be happy.
  16. rswartsell

    rswartsell Well-Known Member

    Colt Trooper Mk III or Mk V (King Cobra). Regardless of internet hype, none stronger or more durable. Use snap caps for dry firing though. Dan Wesson is definitely another option.
  17. skidder

    skidder Well-Known Member

    I really like the Security Six. Strong as heck, and it comes in a k-frame size.

  18. Backpacker33

    Backpacker33 Well-Known Member

    Can't argue with any of the suggestions posted here. I've had a number of them. I like the S&W 686 and a 28 I still have. But when I got a Colt King Cobra I found my heaven. For a long barreled revolver with heavy-bullet hunting or dangerous animal loads, it's my first choice. Usually. Unless I just want to carry one of the others . . ..
  19. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    I love "N" frame .357 S&W's. Full bore snort-n-stomp magnums feel like .38 specials in them to me. :)
  20. jp9mm

    jp9mm Well-Known Member

    How could i forget about the security six/ speed six.
    I just picked up a security six. Stock trigger is nicer than my gp-100.. Untill i changed springs and stoned trigger parts. The main spring rod especially needed a lot of smoothing with a dremel to get rid of grittyness in the da pull.

    I believe the gp100 does have a stronger cylinder lock design.

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