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Toughest take-down?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by patentnonsense, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. patentnonsense

    patentnonsense Well-Known Member

    I just got a Colt Model 1903 Hammerless - I love the pistol, but the field strip would've taken me hours to figure out without help - what a cross-eyed crotch-kicking conundrum!!

    Is there anything worse? I'm getting more appreciation for the simplificationof the 1911, and the further simplification in the High-Power.

    On the "easy" end, I can take down my Beretta 92-type in under 5 seconds, and my FN 5.7 was even easier - two quite different mechanisms, but both nearly fast enough to strip before your empty mag hits the ground.
  2. itgoesboom

    itgoesboom member

    Everyone always complains about the Ruger mkIIs and 22/45s, but I think they are a piece of cake.

    I have even heard a couple people complain about taking down a Bersa .380...:scrutiny:

  3. arinvolvo

    arinvolvo Well-Known Member

    hmmm, yes the 22/45 is ok to take down...but sucks to put back together...

    its easy after you learn, but still more complicated than any other pistol i have stripped.
  4. max popenker

    max popenker Well-Known Member

    Makarov PM is a no-brainer to strip and re-assemble. Can be done with eyes closed.
  5. mfree

    mfree Well-Known Member

    Well..... I've only got 3 pistols, and they're not bad to field strip. On a walther P22, you yank down the plastic clip on the frame and pull the slide back and lift it; on my CZ75 you push the slide back to the deisassembly marks and push the slide stop pin out (with a thumb on mine, it's broken in), and on a CZ52 you just pull the breakdown button and lift the slide off.

    I will tell you though, till you figure out the "trick", the P22 is the biggiest beast to reassemble.... I fully expect someone new at it to take a couple chunks of skin off their thumb and send the slide or guide rod flying at least once. The "trick" is to bunch the recoil spring over the guide rod, hold it there, push the guide rod through the bushing on teh slide, grab and hold from the other side, then fit the slide partially on the frame and hold it there, let the guide rod go, and wiggle it until it finds it's hole in the frame. My mood sinks every time I know I need to strip and clean it :banghead:
  6. gvass

    gvass Well-Known Member

    Mauser C96 first time...without any experienced help. :-(((((((
  7. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member


    "I just got a Colt Model 1903 Hammerless - I love the pistol, but the field strip would've taken me hours to figure out without help - what a cross-eyed crotch-kicking conundrum!!"

    FWIW I found a copy of the disassembly instruction for this pistol on Sam Lisker's website


    and it made it a snap.

    Paid off a few months later when I was able to show a gun store employee how to disassemble the 1903 they just took in and could not figure out how to break it down to clean it (and it NEEDED a good cleaning).
  8. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho Well-Known Member

    While my Kahr K40 was easy to figure out how... when it was new, trying to hold the slide back and getting that slide release pin to pop out... man, it hurt when it pinched my hand time and time again!
  9. patentnonsense

    patentnonsense Well-Known Member

    The seller I bought mine from didn't know how to take it down, or I think the price might have been higher!
  10. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    Ruger MKII is the hardest of the pistols I have. The 22/45 is a piece of cake compared to it.
  11. RON in PA

    RON in PA Well-Known Member

    You folks haven't lived until you've taken down an Astra 400, the 9mm Largo blowback.
  12. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    BHP Practical. I need to replace springs, and still haven't figured out how to get the mainspring out. :confused:
  13. mini14jac

    mini14jac Well-Known Member

    I thought the Ruger MKII was the worst.
    Then I got a Phoenix HP22. :eek:

    That is one gun I won't take apart again unless I have to.
  14. mfree

    mfree Well-Known Member

    Another note.... the CZ52 is easy to take the slide off of, but it's the only gun I have that *requires* a tool to completely field strip. No way around it, you're going to need something beefy with a good handle.
  15. Das Pferd

    Das Pferd Well-Known Member

    1903 - designed for a gentleman to carry. Probably figured this gentleman would never want nor need to disasemble their gun.

    1911 - designed so a farm boy from Idaho could field strip it in a fox hole with minimal tools.
  16. horge

    horge Well-Known Member

    Egads, IGB... who are those people?
    A Bersa 380?
    Opening a can of soup can take more time and effort.

  17. Dakotan

    Dakotan New Member

    I have a matched pair of Smith & Wesson 422 Target Models (4.5 inch and 6 inch, both made in 1988) and dearly love them, but they're (one of) the most "interesting" pistols to tear down that I've encountered. There's simply no describing it in words. :banghead:
    Those of you that own these great little guns know what I mean! :D

    My $.02! - Dakotan
  18. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Well-Known Member

    Just going by guns customers bring in after failing to reassemble them properly (or disassemble them correctly to begin with), I would have to give first place to the Ruger MKII and 22/45. Ruger and S&W centerfire auto's are a close second. Colt/Browning Pocket Pistols (1900, 1903, 1908) bring up the rear. P22's are troublesome to people on their first attempt.

    Easiest to strip? Sig P Series, followed by the Springfield XD. Some would scream Beretta 92, but I've seen too many people fumbling/stumbling/losing the locking wedge.

    Ever see what happens when someone improperly reassembles a Ruger P Series by failing to push the slide stop fully in then poping the magazine in place, pushing up the ejector with the slide forward? No fun at all.

    Toughest personally? First time reassembling a P08 Luger and C96 Mauser. Both of which I had to do with no manual/diagram. Didn't have the luxury of watching their overzealous owner take them apart either. They gave me a ziplock bag full of parts and a sheepish grin.
    C96 is a beautiful piece of machinery, and a piece of cake to reassemble once you know how the parts mesh.
  19. jeff-10

    jeff-10 Well-Known Member

    Ruger Mark II is a real pain for me also. Most modern service pistols are pretty easy.
  20. Norton

    Norton Well-Known Member

    Another vote for the Ruger Mk II......twist, turn upside down, check little pin inside, insert other pin, pray that holes are aligned, rotate one more time to get little pin to sit correctly......glad my USP is a whole lot easier!

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