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Traded for a Ruger m77 MKII 30-06

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by txgolfer45, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. txgolfer45

    txgolfer45 Well-Known Member

    I traded a DeHaan 12 ga sxs shotgun for the Ruger M77 MKII with a Redhead 3x9x40 scope plus $100. How did I do?

    I think I will change out the scope as I don't think the Redhead scope is very good quality. Agree?
  2. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie Well-Known Member

    Don't know about how good a deal you got (probably a win win for both parties I'd hope) but I'd certainly shoot the rifle w/ the Redhead on it first and see how well it boxed out and shot at various ranges and power settings. Once I did that... then I might decide to change it out for something different (Nikon maybe?) or not.
  3. txgolfer45

    txgolfer45 Well-Known Member

    I checked out the serial number on the Ruger website. It dates to 1992. Looks like it has been a safe queen. Excellent bluing and stock has no marks. I cleaned the barrel. A little dirty, but not bad at all. Will go to the range tomorrow to sight it in. Debating on whether to run to Bass Pro and buy a new scope for it.
  4. BruceB

    BruceB Well-Known Member

    I'm not personally familiar with either the shotgun you traded, or the Redhead brand scope.

    However, the rifle you obtained, with the best of today's .30-06 ammunition, is perfectly capable of taking any game animal in North America. The Ruger 77 is an excellent rifle, and my experience with the 77s over the last forty years has been gratifying. Good (and sometimes great) accuracy, perfect function all the way down to minus-thirty temperatures, and the rifle LOOKS right, to boot.

    The only trouble with owning a good .30-06 is that when you have one, you really don't "need" anything else. The way I got around that problem was by saying that, since I do own a .30-06 (actually three of them now) it frees me up to pursue the real odd-balls....so I own a bunch of other, more-specialized rifles. Still, with my handloaded Barnes TSX bullets in my '06, I'd confidently hunt all of North America's game.

    Ya done good! Whether that scope needs replacement or not, the Ruger 77 rifle is pure gold in my book.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2009
  5. txgolfer45

    txgolfer45 Well-Known Member

    Got it sighted in. 3 shot group inside 1" at 100 yds. A keeper! I was using 150 gr Fusion ammo.

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