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Trail Boss 45-70 loads

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Mike 3-4, May 6, 2008.

  1. Mike 3-4

    Mike 3-4 New Member

    Hi: Wondering if anyone has chronographed loads with 350grn or 405grn with this powder. I loaded the 405grn with max. TB and got a .591 group at 50 yds. for 5 rounds. I'm looking to get 1150 velocity out of a 26" T/C barrel. THANX
  2. dwwhite

    dwwhite New Member


    Don't know what your "max" is, but with 12.5 grns of trail boss under a 405 grn hard cast lead bullet I am comfortably sub-sonic out of a 22" barrel. I will be at the range early next week with a chronograph so will load some up with a range of charges and will see what I can find out for you. I'll ressurect this thread or pm you when I find out.
  3. Stinger

    Stinger New Member

    You're gonna force me to get out of my comfortable chair and check, aren't you? :evil:
  4. Stinger

    Stinger New Member


    Marlin 1895 (not the Cowboy or Guide gun)
    10 rounds
    45-70, 405g Oregon Trail bullet
    13g Trailboss
    average - 1014
    es - 11.43
    sd - 4.79

    Very accurate, but I'm not sure you can get the velocity that you want. 13g is the max load listed with the data, at least with the 405g bullet. I think you can get there with the 350g bullet.
  5. Mike 3-4

    Mike 3-4 New Member

    Stinger: I loaded 13 grn TB as a max but in a phone conversation with Hodgdon the Tech said just keep the Trail Boss "below" the base of the bullet so as not to compress it in any way and create a pressure problem. I cut a section out of some brass and poured 15grn in it and then placed the bullet in the brass to see it's position which still didn't touch the base. I wouldn't think it will be unsafe to shoot. I think the 2grn increase should get around 1100 velocity.

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