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Transfer Bar

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Nightcrawler, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler New Member

    How necessary are transfer bars on single action revolvers? I mean, did people carry their M1873s, Remingtons, Schoefields, etc., with only five beans in the wheel back in the day?

    Just curious here.

    Oh, side note; how many times does a Ruger Vaquero click when you cock the hammer? I heard somewhere that the original Colts had four clicks, which probably sounds really cool.
  2. J Miller

    J Miller New Member

    When SA revolvers were in their heyday, and even up to the 1960's, anyone who carried one would cary it with a empty chamber under the hammer. Period!
    The safety notch on the hammer isn't really a safety at all. It will shear off very easily, and if there is a round under the hammer it can fire.
    Then idiots began forgetting that a firing pin resting against a primer was a disaster waiting to happen.
    This is why Ruger designed the New Model Action. And why several of the clone makers use the Ruger Conversion action in their copies.
    Anyone who knows what they are doing will still cary an OLD style SA with an empty chamber under the hammer. I do, I have for 30 years.

    Other than for the paranoid kind, transfer bars aren't really necessary at all. Just learn the proper way to use and handle your SA and you will be fine.

    A NM Ruger may have a small advantage of being able to safely cary 6 rounds, but it looses this advantage with a more clumsy loading and unloading method, IE no half cock (loading) notch on the hammer. When you flip open the loading gate the cylinder does not line up with the loading gate. You have to manually index each chamber and hold it there. On the old style SA with the hammer at half cock, the cylinder automaticly indexes with the loading gate.
    The Colt Cowboy retains the half cock notch (loading) as well as has the transfer bar. Like converted Rugers.

    An old style SA goes: click, click, clack, click.
    Safety notch......not really a safty at all
    Half cock notch
    Bolt popping up
    Full cock notch

    A NM Ruger goes: clack, click.
    Bolt popping up
    Full cock notch

    Actually a NM Ruger sounds like a double action revolver being cocked.

    Yes Single Action revovers using the original actions sound neet.

    Disclaimer: I hope my attitude of dislike for the NM SA's doesn't offend you or anybody. It is just my likes and dislikes based on over 30 years of shooting experiance.

    Oh, one more thing. In this over 30 years of shooting experiance, I have never had an ND with an OM SA. But I did have one with a NM Ruger. So much for the transfer bar action being safer. Safty is a function of the person using the gun, not the gadgets inside.
  3. Frohickey

    Frohickey New Member

    J Miller

    Do you know how an AR-15 goes?

    Is it bang, thunk, sproing, or something else? :D
  4. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler New Member

    Actually, when firing an M16 (or AR-15) with earplugs in, the loudest thing you can hear is the sproing in the stock. The pop happens simultaneously, but really isn't that loud to begin with.

    Can anyone recommend a well made, authentic single action replica? Something not too expensive, but well made. Doesn't have to be as strong as a Ruger, but I don't want like Cor-Bon self-defense loads (not to be confused with their hutning loads) to hurt it, either. It'd have to have authentic features like the half cock notch, etc.

    Otherwise I'll just get the Vaquero.
  5. J Miller

    J Miller New Member


    :D Other than the sproing of the spring I know little of the sounds an AR 15 makes. I have little experiance with them.


    I have heard good and bad things about most of the clones.
    The Cimmarons and one other seems to be the most favorite of those who have them. The other one is an all mat blue SA that is supposed to be pretty good. I can't remember the name of it right now.
    It's been many years since I have fired a clone. I prefer OM Rugers and they just keep on going.

    If I remember the name of the clone I am forgetting I'll edit this post and put it in. If someone doesn't beat me to it.
  6. Jim March

    Jim March New Member

  7. MrAcheson

    MrAcheson New Member

    The matte black SAA is the Cabelas Millenium made by Uberti. Its around $200 and has the standard Uberti workings which are pretty good.

    Most of the SAA clones sold by Cimmeron, EMF, Navy Arms, etc are Ubertis. EMF also sell the Great Western II which is made by Pietta. I have heard that each retailer has different standards for their guns, but I can't say which is better compared to the rest. I recommend against getting a nickel revolver as there have been problems with flaking. I believe the market price starts at $275 for the other Ubertis and goes up from there.

    The Power Pawl is nice, but still doesn't make a Ruger like a Colt. It just lets you move the cylinder easier. To give yourself a half cock notch, you need the Power hammer as well.
  8. Diesle

    Diesle New Member

    Wooo Hooo thats some funny sh___T!


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