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Trigger Job for the Bodyguard 380 ??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Lama, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Lama

    Lama Member

    I'm thinking about getting a trigger job on my Bodyguard. I read that is comes out of the factory at about 12 lbs pull....I'd like it more in the 6-7 lb area. The question I have is that it looks as if lightening the trigger pull by reducing the spring compression could also reduce the pressure on the striker...perhaps causing some misfires....

    Has anyone out there had any BG trigger work done?
  2. radar1972

    radar1972 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Don't plan on it either.... since I don't use the manual safety, I want to keep the trigger pull the way it is.
  3. FitGunner

    FitGunner Well-Known Member

    Nope. I like the trigger the way it came.
  4. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    Never heard of anyone getting a BG380 down to 6 pounds, it certainly is one heck of a trigger.
  5. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    Maybe down to 10#, but I suspect you'll have ignition issues if you try to take it downer.
  6. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for the same thing, but no one has one worked out yet.
  7. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    Yea, that's not a 1911. forget about it
  8. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    I have ignition issues in mine using tulammo the way it is. Once you shoot it enough you can feel the "2nd stage" click in, just takes a lot of practice.
  9. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    Only thing I can say about the BG is don't send it back to S&W, they will just return it dirty and say the trigger is "in spec" with their production. Even if the trigger is more than 15 pounds.

    Try taking it to a competent gunsmith, they can probably help you better than the factory will.

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