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Trijicon alternative?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by CherenkovBlue, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. CherenkovBlue

    CherenkovBlue Active Member

    Hey guys, im looking to put a red dot on my AK 101. I dont have a very large budget, but i fell in love with the trijicon reflex line of red dots after i used a friends the other day. the problem is that it costs $450+, and i just dont have the money for that. im looking for something that costs roughly half of that, and will give me a similar experience. i know you get what you pay for, and i usually go by the rule of thumb my dad told me years ago "if it dont cost as much as the firearm its mounted on then it aint worth a sh*t", i just simply cant afford that, and wont be able to for a really long time. id really appriciate any suggestions, thanks guys.
  2. seanie!

    seanie! Well-Known Member

    Have you taken a look at Vortex optics? They supposedly have phenomenal customer service, and good quality and good prices.
  3. MmmHops

    MmmHops New Member

    AK101 reflex sight

    Not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but the Russian-made KOBRA sights (specifically manufactured for the AK) might fit the bill. They're in your approximate price range, and get good reviews on some of the AK forums. If you google "KOBRA ak sight" or something similar a few sources and reviews should pop up.
  4. persing

    persing Active Member

    I am getting a Vortex

    I will let you know how it hold's up, It has almosta 5 star review out of 55 report's from AR Shooter's 149.00 with elevated mount's for the M4 Upper's.
    You get what you pay for,

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