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Trouble With Decap Dies

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by CAR-AR, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. CAR-AR

    CAR-AR Well-Known Member

    I ordered two RCBS decap dies and one of the dies showed up but the other was over a month away so I cancelled the order and ordered the other one from another shop. The second die showed up but it was in a .22 - 25 cal box. That was strange since I already had that caliber. I checked the stamping on the first die that showed up and it is stamped with a 9. Checking the die that just showed up and it is stamped 11 (should be a 27 to 45 cal) .

    Can someone help me out to figure what dies do I have?
  2. 357Shooter

    357Shooter Well-Known Member

    you have the right stuff, my .27-.45 cal is stamped with HD 11 Heavy Duty, it also came in a green RCBS box and is label such. No Box? The 11 is the 27-45 cal
  3. CAR-AR

    CAR-AR Well-Known Member

    Thanks Scott! The 27-45 cal was shipped in a 22 - 25 RCBS box. All is good now.

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