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Truthfull name for "Gun Free Zones"?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by HuntCast, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. HuntCast

    HuntCast Well-Known Member

    My first attempt would be:
    Manslaughter Empowerment Zones

    I'm sure you guys can come up with more, lol.
  2. sm

    sm member

  3. Dienekes

    Dienekes Well-Known Member

    The kill zone.
  4. HuntCast

    HuntCast Well-Known Member

    True, but not too catchy ;)
  5. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    Target-rich environment? That's what the crazies see it as.
  6. poor_richard

    poor_richard Well-Known Member

    Criminal Enrichment Zones
    Victim Disarmament Zones
    Terror Farms
  7. Travis McGee

    Travis McGee Well-Known Member

    Keep both of these tied together, to link the concepts:

  8. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    Defenseless Zones, works for me.

  9. Mr White

    Mr White Well-Known Member

    Criminal Protection Zone


  10. gometika

    gometika Active Member

    How abouts something that best describes it:

    The Shooting Fish In A Barrel Zone.
  11. stevekl

    stevekl Well-Known Member

    Bliss Ninny Spawning Ground
  12. Ryder

    Ryder Well-Known Member

    Sitting Duck Zone
  13. Galen

    Galen Well-Known Member

    Victim Enforcement Zone
  14. collateral

    collateral Well-Known Member

    someplace youll never find me
  15. obxned

    obxned Well-Known Member

    Defenseless Victim Ghettos
  16. plexreticle

    plexreticle Well-Known Member

    Crime Spree Zones
  17. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    how 'bout 'target rich environment'
    or free sheep
    or shooting Arcade.
  18. cwmcgu2

    cwmcgu2 Well-Known Member

    Free victim zones
    Rights free zones
  19. TitaniumMan

    TitaniumMan Member

  20. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    Crime Scene.

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