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TSRA State Garand Match

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by BobCat, May 16, 2005.

  1. BobCat

    BobCat Well-Known Member

    Forwarded message:

    "The TSRA State Garand Match will be held at Bayou Rifles on June 25-26.

    30-06 ammo is supplied and must be used for the Garand and Springfield
    matches but not the Team Match. CMP doesn't support the team match.
    Carbine ammo is provide for that match."

    The match program can also be found at

    Also note that there is a "club" Garand match at Bayou Rifles on Sunday,May 29th. This is a low-pressure, intorductory clinic-type match, suitable for first-timers. It is for fun and to get a match bulletin with your name on it, for the CMP.

    Rather than waste bandwidth - if you want info, just ask me.

  2. ping

    ping Well-Known Member

    Info - Garand matches

    I finally got a M1 Garand about 4 months ago. First real military rifle I have owned. Shot a bunch in the military but never the garand. I have been shooting this at 100 yards and getting excellent shot groups. Are these matches using iron sights. That is what I have been doing. Got pretty addicted to scope shooting on my other rifles. Really makes a difference. I have been wanting to shoot in a match but cant seem to run into any close by or in florida. Just want to have fun with the new rifle.
  3. BobCat

    BobCat Well-Known Member


    Yes, the Garand matches are shot with the military sights on the rifle.

    A lot of people, epecially those who have hunted for years with scoped rifles, don't quite believe how well they can shoot with iron sights - until they try!

    The Garand matches at our club are typicallly low-pressure, fun events with as many new shooters as we can round up (to give them some exposure, in a relaxed setting). They are more like a clinic than a "Match."

    On the other hand, the state match is more serious (still meant to be fun, but more "big league") than the local club matches.

    Ask around at local guns stores, on the web, or look up NRA web site - you will probably find a Garand match locally. Have fun!

  4. DJW

    DJW Well-Known Member

    the link in your original post came up awfully small in Adobe..........just how much does the match cost? do I have to clean the "loaner" rifle? just too lazy to print out that match bulletin........thanks for the answers in advance,
  5. patentnonsense

    patentnonsense Well-Known Member

    Where is Bayou rifles?

    (and I'm going to start another thread asking: which Garand to start with for a young man interested in Hi-Power?)
  6. BobCat

    BobCat Well-Known Member


    Bayou Rifles Juliff Range is South of Houston about 30 miles. It is on County Road 57, between Interstate 288 and FM 521. There are maps at http://www.bayourifles.org


    The registration is $40 - carbine and Springfield matches are also listed. You can re-size the font in .pdf in the line at the top of the window, so you can read it.

    I hope this helps!

  7. BobCat

    BobCat Well-Known Member

    Oh, forgot to answer:

    I do not know about the availability of loaners for the State match - I've never gone to the State match - but at the club match there are plenty of loaners available.

    And no, you do not have to clean the "loaner" rifle at the regualr "club" match.

    Many of us have more than one Garand - there is one club member who brings 10, and the back of his Blazer or Bronco or whatever it is looks like an armory.

    Also, we shoot in relays so even if, for instance, I only brought one rifle, and shot it in relay 1, it would be available for someone else to shoot in relay 2; and so forth.


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