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Tula Ammo now sold at Wal-Mart

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Erik M, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Erik M

    Erik M Well-Known Member

    This is being discussed at some other enthusiast sites, I searched and did not see that it was mentioned here yet.

    In sporting goods this evening I noticed multiple calibers of "TulAmmo". 4.97 for 20 rounds of .223 sold me, that even beats pawn shop prices for wolf ammo around these parts by half price. I normally do not shoot steel cased ammo but I figured for that price I could put back a couple hundred rounds for hard times. I know there are online retailers that could match that price but there no $15 shipping fee involved when you buy local. Steel case, non-lacquered, boxer primed, and claims to be non-corrosive.
  2. Carter

    Carter Well-Known Member

    I bought some Tula 9mm yesterday. The first round in my handgun didn't fire. Primer was struck properly, but it didn't go bang. The rest of them worked just fine though. Accuracy was a little to be desired compared to my federal, but to be expected.

    The .223 prices are tempting though. That would end up cheaper than my silver bear I have to order, plus no pesky zinc in the chamber. Too bad there is a ten box limit at my walmart.
  3. Vicious-Peanut

    Vicious-Peanut Well-Known Member

    I wanted to post this for our southern members, Academy is selling brass cased .223 for $5.99 right now.

    $4.97 is nice, is Tula the same as Wolf?
  4. nevermas

    nevermas Well-Known Member

    I picked up some a few days ago, ran all of them through, no problems at all

    Wolf ammo doesn't come from one place, it is more of a conglomeration of ammo productions spread throughout eastern europe. This is why you get such differences in quality, ie some people swear by it, some people never touch it.
  5. WeedWacker

    WeedWacker Well-Known Member

    Might there be a chance they will eventually stock 5.45x39?
  6. Adam5

    Adam5 Well-Known Member

    I almost bought some in 9mm over the weekend, but decided to spend the dollar a box to get Federal instead.
  7. Hanzo581

    Hanzo581 Well-Known Member

    Decided to pick up a box of 9mm and 45 Auto from Walmart to give it a try, I'm interested to see how it runs. It is a dollar a box cheaper for 9mm and two dollars a box cheaper in 45 over the Wally Federal I have been shooting.
  8. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Appears to be the same except for the box (although the packing is the same), but what I got from Cheaper Than Dirt ($3.59/20) lacked the red sealant on the case necks and primers. This could be a net improvement, as lots of people complain about the sealant "building up in the chamber" although I've had no such issues.

    The boxes have a stamp indicating date of manufacture as 07-09. Good to see prices on this stuff drop below 2X what it was four or five years ago.
  9. Centaur 1

    Centaur 1 Well-Known Member

    Tula is the only ammo that my LCP doesn't like. The slide won't close completely and I have to bump it forward every time.
  10. Hanzo581

    Hanzo581 Well-Known Member

    I just started reading reviews on another site about TulAmmo, I sure hope I don't get a squib, having a bullet stuck in my barrel does not sound like a fun time.
  11. this.
  12. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    My local Wally world raised the price of Federal 9mm from 9.47 to 10.47..... and now they sell the Tula 9mm for 9.47......
  13. JoeMal

    JoeMal Well-Known Member

    I might give the 9mm a shot in my Glock...
  14. hometheaterman

    hometheaterman Well-Known Member

    Yep, I saw the price increase on the Federal at my Walmart too, and see they now have this stuff. However, I'd rather pay the extra $1 and have the brass cases in case I ever want to reload them, or want to sell them to someone else to reload.
  15. joepav

    joepav Well-Known Member

    I will be shooting the .223 in my saiga. I would by .38 spec. if they had it or 357. But I don't like shooting steel in my autos.

    Isn't it Tul Ammo?
  16. briney11

    briney11 Well-Known Member

    I went to wally today and got 2 boxes of 7.62x.39 for 4.97 a box minus my %10discount because my wife works there.:evil: I will be going back for more very soon :D
  17. ArtP

    ArtP Well-Known Member


    USA made, factory made, brass, clean reloads at just slightly more than Russian steel, no dirty powders either.

    You'll also wind up with brass to sell or trade.

    I used to buy 45 ACP from these guys before I started reloading myself and found it every bit as good as name brand, factory new ammo. Really the only difference is the cases have been once fired and resized.

    Yeah, there's shipping, but no tax.
  18. Kwanger

    Kwanger Well-Known Member

    No....although the logo might look like that, 'Tula' is the city where the ammo plant is in Russia.
  19. Erik M

    Erik M Well-Known Member

    Yes, the red and black boxes at walmart are sold under the name Tul Ammo. Like what was previously stated though, this is a referance to the Tula ammo plant in russia.
  20. pro2

    pro2 Well-Known Member

    It appears that quality boxer primed 5.56 (.223) ammo is relatively inexpensive. Why screw with the Russian crap?

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