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Tula MFG 9mm 115gr FMJ ammunition any good?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Cutter, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Cutter

    Cutter Well-Known Member

    I know it's kind of a dumb question to ask after you've bought 1000 rounds of the stuff. I'm gonna have to shoot it either way, but I figured I might as well get some opinions from some people that might have experience with it. I'll be shooting it out of an FN FNP-9. Thanks in advance!
  2. mstirton

    mstirton Well-Known Member

    I'll chime in even though I've never tried it. I have, however, tried the Tula 223 55gr and it was consistent and had no failures in my PWS piston AR. I'm guessing it comes from the same plant as Wolf, but is basically the generic version. As well as my FNP9 eats what I've fed it so far, I assume it would have no problem with a slightly underpowered steel case round.
    This is all moot though since you should just go out to shoot tomorrow and report back.
  3. Beagle-zebub

    Beagle-zebub Well-Known Member

    This is the factory that manufactures Wolf, no?
  4. Avenger29

    Avenger29 Well-Known Member

    Wolf draws ammunition from several sources, including, I believe a plant at Tula, which in all likelihood would be the same plant that makes the Tula MFG .223 and 9mm that we are seeing pop up.
  5. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall getting 9mm Tula boxed ammo with Wolf headstamps on the rounds.

    They all went bang.

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