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Tumbling .22lr for better feeding

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jbradley, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. jbradley

    jbradley Active Member

    I have a Sig 229 with a .22 conversion kit.
    It feeds mini-mags beautifully.
    I got a couple of boxes of the Federal 525 value packs. Almost every clip of 10 has 1 or 2 misfeeds.
    They seem a little gummy and I am wondering if this is the cause of the problem.
    Wondering if I throw them in the tumbler with corncob media, if that might help my feeding issues.

    Any thoughts?
  2. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    It's all fun and games until they start going off.
  3. T Bran

    T Bran Well-Known Member

    Not a great sloution in my limited experience. If you tumble the lube off of the bullets you may have problems with leading in the bbl.
    Just give the rest of the box to a kid at the range. You will make a friend for life.
  4. RevolvingGarbage

    RevolvingGarbage Well-Known Member

    More likely its their shape just a roughened surface on the bullet. Next time try federal automatch.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam


    The media dust will stick in the lube and render the ammo unusable until you pick all the black crusty stuff off each one with your thumbnail.

    Never ever tumble greased lead bullets, or cast lead bullets with lube smears on the outside of the loaded rounds..

  6. dave in maine

    dave in maine New Member

    try putting a drop of marvel mystery oil on the top round in the magazine it may help it, and it can't hurt.
  7. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    Don't tumble rimfire ammo, it could ruin your barrel.

    The Fed 525 rounds have just a bit of a shoulder on the bullet. Try fed Auto Match or Blazer. Blazer works great in my P220 conversion.
  8. 316SS

    316SS Well-Known Member

    More exciting than Jiffy Pop! :eek:;)
  9. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    (I've no idea if they would start to go off. But I'm not going to try either.)

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