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Turk 8mm doesn't go bang.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sactown, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Sactown

    Sactown Well-Known Member

    Took out 70rnds of Turk 8mm that comes in those blue bandoleers yesterday to shoot out of my M48A. Out of the 70rnds, had 6 rnds where the primer was struck but the round did not go off. Anyone else have have that problem with the Turk ammo? I paid $6 for 70rnds so I didn't expect a whole lot. It shoot pretty well at 100yards, although I had to lower my POA to an extreme 6 o'clock hold because the minimum sight setting is 200yards.

    BTW: The Limb Saver slip on recoil pad is a god send. I was able to shoot 70rnds without a hitch. It made the 8mm Mauser feel like my M1A. Thumbs up on the Limb Saver!!
  2. Greg L

    Greg L Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen with some of the Turk ammo that I had. With a Mauser action, if you lift the bolt handle up (without pulling back) & close it back down it will reset the firing pin. All my nonfires shot on the second attempt.

  3. Sactown

    Sactown Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I looked at the rounds after they didn't discharge and the primers were struck and looked just like the rounds that did fire, but I didn't try to fire them again. I will try that next time.

  4. spacemanspiff

    spacemanspiff Senior Member

    make sure you inspect every round of that turkish 8mm. i bought 700 rounds on bandoliers and more than 150 had to be tossed in the 'lets be safe rather than sorry pile'.
    cracked cases, green cases, loose bullets bullets seated too far in, not enough....

    speaking of which, i ran 300+ rounds of turkish 8mm through my m98 yesterday, and discovered a crack in the stock when it was all done. right at the rear of the action, where the bolt comes back, the stock has a crack.
    i dismantled it last night and theres also a crack underneath the action.

    i guess that turkish stuff really beats up the gun.

    it was VERY accurate though. we had a 4 foot tall propane tank stood up 150 yards out. very satisfying to hear that *ping!*
    but the rounds werent always exiting the tank. the rear of it had plenty of bulges. we hit that tank with everything, from .22 rifles/pistols, 44 mag rifle, my kimber, everything except birdshot. :D

    so, does anyone have a spare mauser stock lying around? :)

    edit - almost forgot, out of all those 300+ rounds of turk, only one had a primer that needed a second strike. previous range trips have had more, probably about 2 dozen total rounds out of that original 550 needed two trigger pulls.
  5. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Hi SacTown,
    I also have a M48 and some of the same type Turk ammo.I have only fired one bandoleer(70 rounds) and had no problems.I bought mine from The Ammunition store.com.3360 rnds,$125.00!Plus shipping of course.
    I like the ammo,seems accurate and so far reliable.We'll have to get together for a Yugo shoot!

  6. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Spaceman .. I have a Turk Mauser stock ..... I converted mine to the ATI (fugly) deal .. feels way more comfortable to shoot. If that was any good I expect we could fix something up.

    I have loads of this ammo ..... and whilst I don't find many rounds that need pitched cos of cracks etc .. quite a few FTF's (1942 1n3 1941 is mostly what I have). I put a large number thru Hakim one day and had 14 FTF's .. all but one went 2nd strike.

    Today at the MD shoot .. put some thru Hakim again and only 1 FTF ... that too went 2nd time. I pretty much expect it tho.

    Yep .. Turm 8mm is HOT! I have Hakim set on only the first click of gas valve setting.!!!
  7. albanian

    albanian member

    I have a Turk Mauser and a Yugo M-48A also. I bought a 1400rd case of Turk 8mm ammo plus a few bandolers of the Turk stuff here or there.

    I have fired over 1000rds of this stuff and I can't remember a problem in either gun. After about 700rds, my Turk Mauser stock started to split also. It cracked at the pistol grip and under the action almost all the way to the muzzle end of the stock. :eek: I just fixed it by using wood dowels and Gorilla glue.

    Seems like decent ammo but it is hot and may beat up your rifle a little more than average. I heard that it was originally machine gun ammo so it is hotter than normal.
  8. klover

    klover Well-Known Member

    Bought 2000 rounds turkish "very reliable reprimered rounds".
    Shot a beat v-24. Had about 30% needing second hit (which all then fired).
    Took my M-48 (very nice as new) with the same ammo. All fired no problem, with very tight groups about palm sized at 50 yards (the v-24 was much more worn, pie sized groups).

    Had both guns totally apart. The firing pin on the V-24 was much more radiused (from wear?) than the m-48.

    Took the same ammo into the Hakim. All fired flawlessly.

    I love the m-48 and will scope it. The v-24 I'll throw into the truck (there's love here too because of "grand service rendered by a fine old rifle").

    There is a reply to a thread on THR that the two rifles are completely interchangeable. They most certainly are NOT. The bolts are .100 inches different lenght, the screws are not interchangeable. They do look very much alike, however.:cool:
  9. StephenT

    StephenT Well-Known Member

    Hey Quickdraw,

    How much did the shipping cost for those 3360 rounds? $125.95 is a great price and I'm tempted to place an order if the shipping isn't exorbitant. Thanks
  10. Hutch

    Hutch Well-Known Member

    My, my. Seems that Albanian and I must've been twins, seperated at birth. I too have a M48A, and a Turk Mauser, and bought the 1400 pack. I have had several FTF, with good dents in the primer. More common with the Turk than the M48A, tho'. My bandoliers are green, however.:D . After the dirt-cheap Turk, what's the next best 8x57 deal out there? Corrosive is fine by moi.
  11. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Stephen ...
    To chip in .... I got a batch of that ammo .. and even considered a drive up to Canton OH .. but doing the math on time and gas ... had it shipped .. four (heavy) boxes!!

    It was approx $50 ..... which is painful I know but looking at the value of the whole deal and integrating the S&H into the total cost .. it still seemed OK to get this amount of ammo for even $180 or so .. whatever the total was in the end.

    I have a monster pile of bandoliers sitting in a corner ... !!!:p
  12. rritter

    rritter Well-Known Member

    I picked up two of the 70-round bandoliers a while ago. The only problem I had was that one case split. The other 139 rounds worked OK, but didn't seem to be as accurate as I would like (of course, it was probably more that I wasn't as accurate as I'd like :) ) I also bought a box of the WWII German ammo from J&G Sales, and it seemed to be a bit more accurate. I stocked up on that stuff, since it was almost as cheap as the Turkish stuff - 7 cents a round instead of 5.

    Oh, yeah, I tried it in both a Yugo M48 and a Czech 98/22.
  13. albanian

    albanian member

    "My, my. Seems that Albanian and I must've been twins, seperated at birth. I too have a M48A, and a Turk Mauser, and bought the 1400 pack. I have had several FTF, with good dents in the primer. More common with the Turk than the M48A, tho'. My bandoliers are green, however."

    My bandoliers are green also.:D :D Despite the fact that the Turk is well worn and old, I still like the way it shoots and feels.
  14. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay!
    The shipping on the 3360 rnds of ammo was $100.00 :what:
    Actually,thats to ship to California.Came in 4,50lb boxes.
    I don't think is was that bad of a deal,I'll have ammo coming out of my ears for quite some time.If I ever get ahead financially,I may get some more!!!


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