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Two are better than one........

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by alman, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. alman

    alman New Member

    Looked for a Marlin 883 or 983 stainless laminated 22mag for several months with no luck . Decided to order a Savage 93G wood stock/blue 22mag from Buds Guns at a very reasonable price . Recieved the gun about 4 days later put a Simmons 3-9x32 on it and headed out to the range . Dime size 5 shot groups from 50 yards all day long . LOVE the accutrigger ! A couple of days later I'm cruising my local gun shop and what do I see ? A Marlin 883 stainless with the laminate stock . Needless to say I now have two 22mags . Dont know if the Marlin will be as accurate as the savage but it sure is pretty.................

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  2. dscottdennison

    dscottdennison New Member

    I am glad you had a better experience with Bud's than I normally do. I have some friends who long ago warned me about them, but I did a little bit of business with them anyway. Up until recently it was just OK. The past couple of transactions and numerous recent visits, however, have caused me to never want to do business with them again. Most recently, they refused to come down $8 to price match a pistol. Eight dollars...
  3. alman

    alman New Member

    My first purchase from them went well . I have a couple of friends that have ordered a couple of things from them with no issues . Main reason I used them was I could not find the rifle I wanted with a wood stock anywhere else............
  4. dscottdennison

    dscottdennison New Member

    I don't have any experience with ordering something from them and having it shipped. Locally, though, they seem to be getting a bad reputation. They are getting big enough through the internet to not care about the locals with cash in hand. If you visit the store, they do have quite a bit of merchandise, but nowhere near the volume listed online. This has led to speculation about their business practices, and I am hearing of a growing number of dealers who will not deal with them for transfers due to apparent shady business practices. They are basically a drop ship middle man. They usually don't answer the phone, emails, etc. It even looks like they changed their name from budsgunshop.com to Buds Gun Shop.com on Google location searches because the original was getting so many bad reviews. Store workers act like you are a burden to them, etc. The only reason I dealt with them in the past was because they once had the best prices I could find for a lot of things. Not so much anymore.

    I am mostly posting this in the chance that anyone who is thinking of using them in the future will see this and think twice. It's good that you had good luck, but like I said, I was also lucky with them at first for a little while.
  5. alman

    alman New Member

    Sorry to hear you had a negative experience with them . I know its important to me that I have a local gunshop I trust 100% . I always check with them before using any other options (such as online purchases) ...
  6. dscottdennison

    dscottdennison New Member

    Unfortunately, Bud's IS my local shop... Good thing there are plenty of others around here within a reasonable drive, though. A couple of them are the absolute best customer service and hospitality I have ever experienced. It's a shame that seems to be dissapearing these days.

    At any rate, glad you found the particular rifles you were looking for. Excuse my ramblings.

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