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(TX) 2 Robbery Suspects Shot In Store Shootout

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Drizzt, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    2 Robbery Suspects Shot In Store Shootout
    1 Gunman Dead At Scene; 1 Wounded

    POSTED: 3:52 pm CDT April 6, 2005
    UPDATED: 6:02 pm CDT April 6, 2005

    HOUSTON -- An off-duty police officer and a manager at a southeast Houston pawnshop shot two gunmen during an attempted robbery, authorities told Local 2.

    The Brookside Village police officer was working an extra job at the Magnolia Pawn Shop on Evergreen at Lawndale when four armed men tried to rob the store shortly after 2 p.m., officials said. Gunfire was exchanged and two of the suspected robbers were hit.

    Investigators said one gunman died at the scene. Three others escaped, but one of them is believed to have received a gunshot wound to the stomach.

    Blood, bullets and glass were scattered throughout the store, police tell Local 2.

    "Things happened very, very quickly. The assault rifle that one of the suspects was carrying appears to be like an SKS AK-47 type of weapon with a large banana clip," said Sgt. C.P. Abbey, with the Houston Police Department.

    Houston police searched the 1000 block of Evergreen for the gunmen.

    One of the getaway cars was found near the scene.

    Hospitals have also been asked to be on the lookout for gunshot victims seeking treatment.

    No one else was injured.

  2. Standing Wolf

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    Ruger 10-22.
  3. Bear Gulch

    Bear Gulch Well-Known Member

    Sgt Abbey could benefit from a trip down THR!

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