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U.S. Contractors Armed in Hostile Locales?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by amprecon, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. amprecon

    amprecon Active Member

    I may be selected for a position in a "hostile" area of the world and was wondering if anyone knew of the policies regarding civilian contractors being armed. The duties would involve military aircraft maintenance at a well-guarded airport.

    Observing the many civilian (unarmed?) non-combatants which have been apprehended and killed it makes no sense that they would not be armed no matter their capacity.
  2. HankB

    HankB Active Member

    A former colleague was considering a job with Halliburton in Iraq.

    He was informed in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to carry any weapons - period. Not personal, not issued, not locally ("black market") obtained - none.

    Considering that even armed men with M4s, sidearms, grenades, and body armor are at serious risk, I understand he ultimately decided the job wasn't worth his life.
  3. Rabid Rabbit

    Rabid Rabbit New Member

    It all depends on the local command and you employer. Halliburton was trying to convience the military that only their security folks should be armed. My company has a small number of well armed and trained people over there. We were told to avoid any gear that has military camo designs. The assumption is the BG will target military looking targets rather than civilian targets. So we ordered solid tan armor, vests and non-american cars.
  4. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

    Our correctional personell that went ove to iraq to try to modernize thier jails are wearing civvies, issued vests/helmets, and carrying M4s. At first they were issued captured AKs and High Powers, but most of the Tariq AKs they were given didn't even work! Armor issued to them was tan, not desert camo - not enough of our military has desert camo armor, but that woodland pattern that kinda sticks out in the sand...
  5. WT

    WT New Member

    Another American contractor was kidnapped yesterday. The BG's killed his bodyguards and took him away. No doubt, he will soon be dead meat.

    Paul Johnson, a New Jersey man who repaired helicopters in Baghdad, was kidnapped and killed.

    Two Americans and a Brit were abandoned by their bodyguards, kidnapped and killed.

    So much for depending on others for their safety.
  6. Montag

    Montag New Member

  7. Since the Navy has offically shot down my request for Iraq TAD, (Some line about how submarine Assistant-Navigators are needed in the fleet, BAH..) I won't have to worry about life on the front, especially in a contractor capacity. However, I would ask myself this:
    How often are contractors searched? (IE checkpoints, random inspections, gate checks?) And what is the likelyhood of being discovered w/an unauthorized weapon? If the answers are, not often or at easily predictable intervals, and not likely, I would at least vest up and carry several concealed weapons anyway. A CCW, BUG, and a couple of last ditch weapons could possibly make the difference is a critical situation. My home would also have several long arms and a violent defensive plan to prevent my kidnap while I'm "checking my generator" or something.

    COVER YOUR BACK, you're the one who cares most about it!
  8. roscoe

    roscoe Active Member

    I'd tape a grenade to my chest - I'm not begging for my life on video, and I wouldn't mind taking a few with me.
  9. Dain Bramage

    Dain Bramage Active Member

    Roscoe, tape a tennis ball to your chest, and see how well you do at home, including sleeping.:D

    Not to razz you too much, I admire and share your sentiment. I'd CCW (one way or another) or stay stay home.
  10. roscoe

    roscoe Active Member

    Isn't there some sort of flat plastic explosive package with a pin you pull? It seems to me I have heard of one. Of course, I would also CCW, but if ten guys come in with AKs, you know, your options are limited . . .

    Maybe I will tape a tennis ball to my chest tonight - ouch! watch that chest hair!!
  11. one45auto

    one45auto New Member

    Forget the grenade, how's about hooking the trip wire on a claymore to your bedroom door? :D

    That would put a hurting on the miserable $@$#@$%!! :fire:
  12. C96

    C96 New Member

    Follow the link that Montag posted. You will learn alot about life over there.

  13. jnojr

    jnojr New Member

    Tell them in no uncertain terms you will be armed, or they can find someone else to let Zarqawi (sp?) practice cutting heads off with.

    If you're more afraid of being fired than kidnapped and decapitated, then smuggle something in, or buy in a bazaar. But there's about no chance I'd be caught over there without a sidearm at the minimum.
  14. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

    Don't go without any way to defend yourself. I just wouldn't do it.

    I know a good friend who just quit a good job - helicopter mech.

    He was tired of being unarmed, unsecured having to drive his way through Dubai to get to the ship for duty.

    Damned shame.

    Policies be damned, when it comes to your life.
  15. Cortland

    Cortland New Member

    Hell, at Wake they had civilian contractors manning everything from '03 Springfield rifles to machine gun nests to artillery pieces. You'd think they'd at least trust you with a pistol. :scrutiny:

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