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Uh oh, N-frame nut may have landed a whopper.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by uglygun, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. uglygun

    uglygun Well-Known Member

    Went down to the coast the 4th of July holliday so I figured I'd stop by the local gunshops in the area just to scout what type of consignment guns might be down there.

    Walked into one of the better shops and said, "Hey, you guys got any N-frames on consignment".

    Their reply, "How about a NICE model 57". Gettin a little giddy I said "BRING THAT SUCKER OUT HERE".

    Not even a freakin bolt stop line around the cylinder. The seller wants 600 though for it. What do you other N-frame freaks think, 600 dollars for a exquisite model 57(no dash variations) with a 4 inch barrel.

    I told the shop guy that I will have to think about it as I'm waiting for some other old N-frames before I scratch my itch for a model 57. To which they replied, "well... we can give the guy a call and see what else he has". I guess the dude with the model 57 came in with like 3-4 of those 4 gun doscosil cases and every one of them was filled with N-frames. The model 57 wound up on the shelf after the guy asked which he stood the highest chance of selling.

    So I told them to get in contact with the guy and see if he doesn't have any Model 24s, 25s, or anything else that might be real nice like a 29-2 or a 28-2 or even a 610.

    I just don't look forward to the kinds of prices I might have to pay. STUPID STUPID California! That stupid handgun safety approval bill has inflated the prices of EVERYTHING that isn't on the list. Not to mention I'm sure the gunshop is going to describe me as a "motivated buyer" or something along those lines.

    But oh how I want a 45ACP wheel gun and a 44Spl. to match.
  2. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr Well-Known Member

    Yup, prices have gone too high, but it sure is nice to find one of those. Best.
  3. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member

    $600 at the gun show yestiddy could've scored me a pristine nickel Model 58 4" in box. :(
  4. uglygun

    uglygun Well-Known Member

    Sweet, the gunshop just called back. The guy who had the 57 does indeed have a couple other N-frames.

    A couple 27s, a 25-2, and a few 24s. Since this shop is 2 hours away from me the dealer is going to send a few pics to my email. Sometime next week I'll probably have to schedule a drive down there to visit some prospective N-frames for adoption.

    I figure if the 25-2 is nice then I'll grab it up then see if I can't afford something else as well like one of the 24s.

    Darned if "collectors" don't want collector prices as well when they finally turn to sell their stuff off.

    Heck, he's probably lurking around on the forum and saying to himself, "ALRIGHT, I LANDED A JACKPOT!"

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