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UNDER $450 Semi Auto 9mm Range Gun ONLY

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 1SOW, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who's looking for a 9mm range gun to play with. He wants CHEAP.
    I,m biased toward CZ, so can I have some inputs from you shooters.
    NO Debate! Low Price is important , 9mm, semi-auto, reliable, fairly accurate, range TOY!
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
    It's for a Vietnam Vet with little pistol experience.
  2. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member

    The German police surplus Sig P6 is selling for $280-$350 most places and people who buy one tend to rave about them. German build quality at a bargain price, what's not to like?

  3. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    CZ 75B - find one over the counter it'll be close but it will
    be reliable & accurate - great ergos, DA or SA cocked & Locked
    with the 1911 style thumb safety. Later, consider the Kadet
    .22 Conversion ket, consisting of a barrel, slide, recoil spring
    and magazine.

    I had to pay more for mine, after S&W and transfer because the
    sporting goods store in nearby Idaho where it sells for about $450
    won't do transfers. dang it. But the CZ 75B is worth it - great value
    and quality.

  4. Chrome

    Chrome Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely on the CZ bandwagon.

  5. knicks118

    knicks118 Well-Known Member

    Springfield XD9
    Ruger P95
    Taurus 24/7
  6. Thernlund

    Thernlund Well-Known Member

    I'm likein' the P6 idea from gp911. I think that'd be the way.

  7. johnson_n

    johnson_n Well-Known Member

  8. lions

    lions Well-Known Member

    Taurus PT92
  9. camacho

    camacho Well-Known Member

    For combination of reliability and price, it is hard to beat the Ruger P95. $300 delivered from Buds. Heck, it even has a light rail.

  10. steelyblue

    steelyblue Well-Known Member

    Stoeger Cougar + 500 rounds of ammo will come in at less than $450.
  11. bluez4u

    bluez4u Well-Known Member

    Another Vote for the Ruger P95
  12. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck Well-Known Member

    Ruger P95 or P89.
  13. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

    CZ 75B SA is the perfect low cost range gun.
  14. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    tyhe ruger p95 is a good buy and pretty cheap too. not cheap made though for sure. also look at a glock and xd service model, there are always deals out there on them even if he gets a used one.
  15. jlangton

    jlangton Well-Known Member

    I'm with alot of the other guys here.. Ruger P89 or P95...either one will last,and will digest more ammo than your friend can afford without a problem. CDNN had the P95's in a decocker model for less than $300 recently..
  16. Bartkowski

    Bartkowski Well-Known Member

    P6's are great. Fairly accurate, reliable and cheap. They can still be found for under $300, and if your lucky around $260.

    ANVILFIRE Active Member

    Stoeger Cougar or CZ75B:D
  18. tblt

    tblt member

    ruger p95
  19. rellascout

    rellascout member


    $379 Plus shipping and transfer.


    Come with 3 mags and 2 back straps.

    The P6 is a good gun but mags are in short supply. You will need to replace the springs to get a good trigger pull so ad about $30 to whatever you pay and you still have a used gun with no warranty support. For another $75 you get a more modern gun with a support and reasonable mags.

    The CZ is a fine choice but they are getting more expensive by the minute. You will be hard pressed to find one OTD new for $450 these days.
  20. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    S&W 6906....

    Third generation, excellent reputation for durability, reliability, and very accurate..

    CDNN is selling them NIB, with a LIFETIME warranty for $399.25. (all steel 5906's also). The 6906 is basically a double-stack 3913 which many agree is one of the best S&W semi's ever made. The 6906 has a standard 12+1 capacity, but accepts the 15rd 5906 mags (with filler)..

    I have a 3913 I bought new in 1995 and it has never hiccuped once.. I bought one of the CDNN 6906's a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with it.

    Smith & Wesson has as good a reputation for Customer Service as any manufacturer out there (and better than most). You can't lose getting a high quality 3rd gen S&W pistol, NIB, at these prices.

    I was considering a Sig P6, but my understanding is that Sig P6's mfg prior to mid-summer 1989 are iffy about feeling jhps.. Most folks buying them seem to be changing out recoil springs, and the DA trigger pull is in need of help too.. And then again the fine P6 comes with zero warranty.

    If you have the interest "google" S&W 5906/6906, or go to the S&W forum, (or any other firearms forum), and use the "search" feature and you will find the vast majority of folks who have these pistols are well pleased with them.

    Just personal opinion.. Other's mileage may vary.

    Best Wishes,


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