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Universal M1 Carbine Problems

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by PFCLEE11B, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. PFCLEE11B

    PFCLEE11B Well-Known Member

    Ok well I have a low numbered universal M1 Carbine, the problem is that it wont feed another round after 1 is fired. I have been shooting Pri Partizan rds, both soft point and FMJ. What happens is I fire a round and it either does not slide back far enough or does not slide back at all to feed another round. With the FMJs I have gotten a few stove pipes but other than that the failure to feed is the problem.
  2. Fat_46

    Fat_46 Well-Known Member

    Couple of questions for you.

    What kind/capacity mags are you using? Is the mag resting on anything when you fire it?

    Also - a set of Wolff springs might fix you right up. Although the 1st Gen/low number Universals are generally regarded as the best of 'em, there are tons of reports of undersprung springs causing FTFs.

    Good luck - I LOVE mine!
  3. PFCLEE11B

    PFCLEE11B Well-Known Member

    hmmm a spring sounds like it might be the problem as I tried multiple positions with the mags and that changed nothing
  4. LibShooter

    LibShooter Well-Known Member

    You're not using a 30 round magazine, are you? My universal hates those.

    If not, try the spring thing Fat_46 suggested. My rifle's working fine right now, but I have a set of replacement springs on the shelf ready to go in.
  5. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    I'd agree that it is a magazine or spring problem. If you aren't doing so already, switch to USGI or new Korean magazines, and if you are switch to a different one. If that fails, it is probably new spring time. The spring should be USGI, and therefore easy to find (as Fat_46 mentioned Wolff makes good ones).

  6. Lee Roder

    Lee Roder Well-Known Member

    does your gas piston move easily? could you have a obstructed gas port (crud)?
  7. Kentucky_Rifleman

    Kentucky_Rifleman Well-Known Member


    Weak springs gave a lot of the Unis an undeservedly bad reputation years back.

  8. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    My first M1 carbine from the CMP had a severly cracked gas block and wouldn't cycle at all.
    If you're getting zero motion in the operating slide (meaning the breech remains locked) get into that gas port and make sure the piston/nut/port are all correct.
    If you're getting some motion after firing, look into mags and springs.
  9. alias

    alias Active Member

    Check the orientation of the gas piston plug. Universals (at least the later twin spring models) can be converted to single shot mode by removing the gas piston plug and turning it 180 degrees to cut off the gas flow to the piston. The directions to do this should be easy enough to find on the 'net. If you know for a fact this isn't the case (for instance, it worked last week and now won't) try the Wolff springs like others have advised. Also as advised, these hate 30 round mags.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2010
  10. PFCLEE11B

    PFCLEE11B Well-Known Member

    Ok well upon dissassembly (mind you just bought this) I noticed that it is the dual recoil spring version. The piston lug thing moves just fine. Not sure how to take the springs out though none of the pins to seem to want to move. Also upon scouring various firearms forums and youtube. I can not find anything that shows you how to dissasemble the later Universals...
  11. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Uhoh...parts for that beast are a bit hard to come by. :uhoh: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I would cut my losses and sell it (since it is a later gen.).

  12. alias

    alias Active Member

  13. PFCLEE11B

    PFCLEE11B Well-Known Member

    Hey will anyone that knows these be at the holmen 3 gun shoot tomorrow. I am going to bring it with to get some help.
  14. PFCLEE11B

    PFCLEE11B Well-Known Member

    Also from looking at the pics it might be in single shot mode but I cant seem to get any of the pins out no matter how much i pound with my punch's
  15. alias

    alias Active Member

    Holmen WI?

    Holmen WI? I have a brother who lives there, and one who lives on French Island. Grew up on French Island. Unfortunately, I (and the copies of the owner's manual) am in CA now.

    edit: The owner's manual on one of the links I posted is the same one I have here(the green cover one), so not much point in sending it.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2010
  16. LibShooter

    LibShooter Well-Known Member

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