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UPS compact accessories.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ds92, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. ds92

    ds92 Well-Known Member

    Hey everybody.
    I'm doing some christmas shopping for my dad. Trying to get a hold on some accessories (holsters are ok, but i'm really looking for a lazer sight) for his pistol, an HK USP Compact but i'm having trouble finding some.. I'm not so good with computers and the internet, so any help finding anything is appreciated!
  2. Jason_G

    Jason_G Well-Known Member

    Insight makes some laser/light combos. You might want to check them out. Another good gift would be just some magazines.

  3. basicblur

    basicblur Well-Known Member

    You're a bit screwed with the USPC!

    As a USPC owner, I hate to tell you you're going to have a bit of a problem as the USPC has a proprietary rail (not picatinny).
    I’d like to have a LaserMax on mine, but they don’t seem interested in making one for ‘em, and last time I checked, Crimson Trace didn’t have anything for any HK products.

    A couple of options?
    Insight makes a light specific to the USPC mount. If you really wanna "personalize" it a bit, the same light is out there with HK markings on it, and can now be found at reasonable prices (just a few bucks higher than the Insight version).
    Insight M2UTL
    HK logo model

    LaserLyte makes an adapter to convert the USPC proprietary rail to a picatinny, but you may run into holster problems if you have it mounted on the gun.
    Note this is for the adapter ONLY-pix shows LaserLyte laser mounted on the adapter.

    AFAIK, you’re pretty darn limited-darn nice gun but nobody wants to make anything for it! Only thing I know of you can get “made” for it is the Insight light-everything else is going to be modified to fit? I can’t recall seeing anything other than the M2UTL made to fit “as is”.

    I did just order a Galco FX Suede holster in black for mine (FX400B)-got a pretty good deal on eBay ($62 from Marden Surplus), but these can be found at discounts (Marden may have more in stock). ‘Course, suede linings do have their drawbacks-Sky High Holsters uses a synthetic material for the lining, but their holsters are going to run around $110 as such.
    My holsters all have thumb break retention straps, so don’t know if likes that feature or not-you can find similar holsters without the thumb break retention.
    High Noon Holsters (synthetic lining instead of Suede)
    Same holster in open top, with slide guard to protect body from gun parts
    Galco-best I can find on their site for the USPC

    If he likes to read (or even if he doesn’t?), do some research on any books by Massad Ayoob. Books always make great gifts?
    A couple of my favorites:

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