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Used 3953 help please

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by joe_security, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. joe_security

    joe_security Well-Known Member

    I just rescued a used 3953 from the lgs for what I consider a dirt cheap price ($350-10% occupational discount). Night sights are dead, I may send the slide out later. The hitch is, when I chamber a round and drop the mag out, the top round gets partially stripped off the mag and drops out the mag well with the magazine. Ammo= PDX 147 gr. I have obtained a new factory magazine and have not made it to the local range to try it out. Opinions please !
  2. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member

    Wonder if the longer 147 grain bullet is the culprit? You have any other lighter rounds laying around?
  3. joe_security

    joe_security Well-Known Member

    I will try 124gr. next. I thought the 3rd gen S&W would feed/handle anything, we will see. Maybe something with shorter oal will be next.Thanks for your reply.
  4. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    The top round in the magazine is always pulled forward when the slide strips the preceding round out of the magazine lips. How much depends on the friction of the breach block and the adhesion of the magazine lips...it could be an early sign that the magazine springs need to be replaced
  5. jon_in_wv

    jon_in_wv Well-Known Member

    My 3913 does the same thing. It seems to do it much less you you rack the slide very quickly. I still drop the mag and check though. It has been 100% reliable so I dont' worry about it.
  6. joe_security

    joe_security Well-Known Member

    It this point I have (2) new factory mags to go with the original. I think this pistol was traded in by local LE going by the holster marks on the slide. Gunsprings.com shows an early version and another version of the spring. Once I figure this out I will try a Wolf mag spring for the used magazine. I once gave Wolf springs (5%extra) to a local LEO for his P226 9mm for failure of the slide to lock back when empty. He told me it worked like a charm ! The ergonomics of this 3953 (w/Hogue grip ) are just perfect for my hand. I found the DAO trigger pull to be light and short compared to my old 39/59 back in the day. I think this one is going to be a favorite ! Thanks again for the reply ! Great people in this forum !
  7. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    My CZ does that. The next round is halfway out of the magazine if I hit the release.
  8. Jim PHL

    Jim PHL Well-Known Member

    3953 is a great, under-rated gun. Love the 3rd-Gen single-stack 9's. Mine does the same thing. Chamber round, drop the mag and top-off, then just leave it alone.
  9. pa350z

    pa350z Well-Known Member

    Awesome pistol. Maybe if you check with Smith and Wesson, they may just have you ship it in and they will fix it as a warranty matter? Worth the call.
  10. joe_security

    joe_security Well-Known Member

    Fired the pistol with PDX and RA9T. Works great. Thanks again.

    JMACDONALD Well-Known Member

    not to worry

    Ive owned a 3914,457,3954 & 3953. Happened to all three 9mms and never affected the cycling of the pistol. Dont remember if the .45 did it or not...long time gone. Joe Mac
  12. j frame

    j frame Member

    Every 39-series S&W that I've ever had did the same thing. Think it's a design thing, rather than a flaw.
  13. ETXhiker

    ETXhiker Well-Known Member

    Yes. One more to confirm that the 147 grain rounds do pop out (or push forward) in a full magazine when ejected. My 3913 does it frequently. It also feeds everything I feed it with perfect reliability. Don't worry. :)

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