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Utah allows Canadians to CCW

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Lucky, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    After many months (January) Utah seems to have lifted their hold order on allowing CCWs to Canadians. I understood it was the Deputy Director (Public Safety, I think) that froze all issuings. The given story was that someone tried to start Utah CCW courses in Israel and that was too much attention, so all foreigners were halted. Good news all around, will update as more details come in.
  2. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 New Member

    Glad to hear.

    We like seeing armed Canucks on this side of the border. Have you looked into getting a New Hampshire permit as well? Simple to get, and they border Canada.
  3. arthurcw

    arthurcw New Member

    More good guys carrying guns. I get that warm fuzzy feeling.
  4. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical New Member

    Glad to hear it. All gun toting canucks are welcome here. Liberal canucks are welcome to stay in Canada.
  5. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 New Member

    congrats to our pistol packing friends to the north.

    [Price is Right voice ] COME ON DOWN! [/Price is Right voice]
  6. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato New Member

    I bet this is driving the Liberal and NDP party NUTS !
  7. Joe Sacco

    Joe Sacco New Member

    Wait'll they have to include Mexicans, too. Then we'll see what a dandy idea it is. Best, Joe
  8. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington New Member

    I'll have to see about getting a Utah carry permit too then...

    Well you know us Canadians we like to collect cards... Hockey cards, football cards, baseball cards...

    So who's here wants to start up a license collection.. I already have one for WA....!
  9. romma

    romma New Member

    I only have three.. CT (homestate),FL and NH.. Oh woe is me!!
  10. wjustinen

    wjustinen New Member

    Just returned from ID and MT

    where my UT permit allowed me to carry concealed. Thank you.

  11. adrock

    adrock New Member

    What's involved in taking a pistol through a US/Canada border crossing?

    For that matter, what about the legality of a US citizen taking a pistol into Canada?

  12. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    So. What.

    If they're a Legal Resident Alien, they are allowed to purchase firearms. Why should basic rights of self defense be denied?
  13. Don't worry, Joe. We'll issue them to anyone, no matter where they are from, even Texas. Love, Utah.
  14. CK

    CK New Member

  15. Autolite

    Autolite New Member

    So how does a Canadian go about obtaining a Utah CCW? What's the first step???
  16. Euclidean

    Euclidean New Member

    I'm assuming this is mostly symbolic. I mean, can a visiting Canadian even buy a handgun in the US of A? And I understand that for some Canadians getting one in their native country is difficult. Even if they could, does the US allow firearms brought in? I understand that an American is dead meat if he's caught armed in Canada unless he goes through a long and expensive permit process.
  17. Autolite

    Autolite New Member

    Euclidean, I am betting that you're correct reference that the Utah CCW for Canadians is probably a symbolic gesture. However, where did you get the notion that it is difficult for a Canadian to obtain a handgun? I'm Canadian and I own several handguns. I also have several friends who collect handguns. I keep my licence current and neither I nor anyone I know has ever had a problem acquiring a handgun. I am curious as to where you get your information???
  18. brentn

    brentn New Member

    So your telling me that canadians are allowed to carry in some states? They'll give you a licence even though you live in canada?

    crazy, I want one.
  19. brentn

    brentn New Member

    We own guns, they are not hard to get as long as you have a licence. Point being it would be guns that we bring into your country, for hunting or target shooting competitions, etc. There is a form to fill at the border if you want to bring in any type of gun, the only guns that cannot come back into the country are prohibited weapons. So if a canadian owns one, has a licence for it, forget about traveling with it.

    Americans can bring guns into our country provided that it is not prohibited, they can also NOT carry them, no matter what. There is a form to fill for each province, as far as I know, that gives americans temp gun licences for hunting/transporting.
  20. Autolite

    Autolite New Member

    brentn, this is beginning to sound like something that's worth pursuing. Just imagine, if enough of us apply maybe Utah and Alberta could establish some sort of CCW permit reciprocity :) :) :)

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