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Utah Carry Permit

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by SkinnyGrey, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. SkinnyGrey

    SkinnyGrey Well-Known Member

    I already took a gun class in Connecticut to obtain my CT carry permit. If I want a out of state Utah carry permit, would I have to take another class? And if so, where can I take it?
  2. Sgt_R

    Sgt_R Well-Known Member

  3. Rico567

    Rico567 Well-Known Member

    To clarify, if you live in CT the only cost-effective way to get the instruction you need is by someone local who has gone to Utah and received certification (there's no other way). Our class was taught by a local guy who did this. When they give their classes, they can charge whatever they think the market will bear. Our class included the requisite photos and official fingerprinting, all done at the same time, which was a great benefit. I think all of that ran $75, and then the fees for the license as detailed above. The waiting period stated above is also consistent with how long I waited, I've had mine about a year, and now I can CCW in just about any state we travel TO, but of course not in the Great State of Illinois.
  4. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    As noted UT requires applicants complete a class taught by a UT certified instructor. But such instructors have opened shops all over the country. Ask around and you may find a guy nearby teaching the UT class.

    I still keep my UT permit valid because it's so easy to do. They renew by mail for a very modest fee with no additional classes required. The UT permit is one of the more recognized permits around the country and is worthwhile to have. I first got mine when I actually lived in UT.
  5. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    My UT non-resident permit required live fire. Maybe it was the decision of the instructor. The Oregon one did not.
  6. Jumping Frog

    Jumping Frog Well-Known Member

    If you don't need the states of Minnesota and Washington, you could get an Arizona Permit instead. You don't need any additional training (documentation of your CT training is all that is needed), it costs $60 for 5 years. The only difference to you (CT) between AZ and UT are the two states mentioned above.

    Since my Ohio license already has MN and WA, there is no effective difference between UT and AZ for me.

    Or, you could get a FL license. A little more pricey. However, if you think you might end up visiting FL in the next seven years for business or vacation, you might as well get a FL license, since FL does not accept non-resident licenses from other states.
  7. SkinnyGrey

    SkinnyGrey Well-Known Member

    how would i go about getting a az license?
  8. Big Bill

    Big Bill Well-Known Member

    SkinnyG - the total cost for my Utah permit was about $120;combined with my Idaho permit allows me to carry in most of the country I would ever want to visit. The states that don't allow me to carry (like California, etc.), aren't worth visiting and arent worth spending my money there either.
  9. Jumping Frog

    Jumping Frog Well-Known Member

  10. searcher451

    searcher451 Well-Known Member

    The instructor I took the Utah class from in Oregon did not require a live fire test, so it must be an individual thing.
  11. Sgt_R

    Sgt_R Well-Known Member

    There's no live fire requirement in the Utah law, but some instructors do it anyway. It is most definitely an individual thing.

  12. ProShooter

    ProShooter Well-Known Member

    SkinneyGrey - I am a traveling Utah instructor, based in Va. We often set up classes for groups. If you belong to a club or group of 20-25 that would be interested, we'd be happy to come up and do the class. Our cost is $85 and its 6 hours of classroom lecture.
  13. SkinnyGrey

    SkinnyGrey Well-Known Member

    Jumping Frog,
    Are you sure about that? I just got my application from Arizona, but have heard that I may have to take the class. Any idea of where I can look to verify what I would have to do?
  14. MinnMooney

    MinnMooney Well-Known Member

    The Utah permit will add several states to your list of states where you can carry.

    Utah requires 4 hours of class room only from a Utah certified instructor, a fingerprint card and a $65 fee. The nice thing about Utah's carry permit is at renewal time, the fee is only $10 for another 5 years without having to take more class time.
  15. Dr_B

    Dr_B member

    Anyone know if a Utah permit will allow carry in Tennessee? I have an Idaho permit (I am a resident of Idaho) and a Washington permit. I cannot tell from the Utah and Tennessee sites whether carry is legal there with a Utah permit. They seem to be telling different stories on each state website. The Tennessee site says there is no reciprocity with Utah, but they recognize Utah permits.
  16. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    Utah will honor TN permits (yes, I'm in Utah quite often)...I don't know if TN honors Utah permits or not though.

    The kicker is many states have stopped honoring non-resident permits...it has gotten hard to keep up with.

    There was a time when the Utah permit was honored in more states than any other permit...that is no longer the case...a resident TN permit now holds that record.
  17. Iron Sight

    Iron Sight Well-Known Member

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