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VA - Anyone want a deal on survival shooting class?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by duck hunt, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. duck hunt

    duck hunt Well-Known Member

    Happy Holidays, all --

    Here's the deal: My husband and a friend are taking a survival shooting course/simulation in Prince George county from 9 to 5 this Saturday. We originally had four people, but two flaked out. The original price was $150 each. For two it's $125 each, for 3, $100 each and for four, $75 each. If we can quickly round up two more takers, we can save fifty bucks a person.

    The guy teaching is the guy I took my CCW class from and he is a good guy. He showed me some video of the survival shooting class. There are a number of scenarios (home invasion, hostage etc.) and it looks like a very useful. If you can commit to this, email me at anne@snakehips.com and I'll hook you up!
  2. Killians97

    Killians97 Member

    Cant make this weekend

    Duck Hunt,
    I have a prior engagement on Saturday that I cannot break, but I would love to attend a class like this in the future. Is there anyway to get more information about the class and the instructor? I am in Herndon, VA myself. My e-mail is: killians97@yahoo.com

  3. Bruz

    Bruz Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I am in California or I would take you up on that...:(
  4. duck hunt

    duck hunt Well-Known Member


    Sorry to be so long replying. Doseyclwn took the class, too and is discussing it here.
  5. Killians97

    Killians97 Member



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