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Value of S&W 629 Pinned & Recess

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Jackal, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody! I have a beautiful pinned and recessed 4" bbl 629. It was made in 1981 and is in great condition. Tiny holster rub mark on side of barrel. For all intents and purposes, this gun is the closest thing to new as you can get from a gun made in 1981. My question : How much is it worth?? I've heard the pin and recess adds value, and if so, how much?
  2. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    Actually S&W had a bit of trouble witht the first issues of 629s. It would not dissuade me from paying $500 for that gun in Ca. You might get a hundred more in certain places.
  3. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    If that is a 4" then yes it could well be $500 region or better. IMO if it was a M29-2 4" (blued) it could make $650 and more.
  4. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    I recently saw a 6" one sell locally for $600.

    A 4" would bring another $50-$100 in my area.
    Since they only made the 4" for about one year.
  5. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    Any more??
  6. CSA 357

    CSA 357 Well-Known Member

    mine will not go for less than $600, and then im not sure! *csa*:D
  7. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    I guess im happy then. I paid $390.00 for it. I guess that was a good deal :)
  8. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Good? - I'd be smiling :)

    Hey - give ya $395 cash!! ;)
  9. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    Several years ago I paid $375 for this 629 no dash transitional revolver made in 1982.
    It had the recessed chambers cylinder, but the new crush-fit unpinned barrel. The frame however was simply stamped Model 629 instead of 629-1.


    It was a perfect match for my 1982 Model 57 no dash transitional.

    Unfortunately this revolver had to go bye-bye after I broke my back. :(
    I had to decide between this one and my 1982 pinned and recessed 6" Model 629 no dash.
    The transitional one was worth more but I bought the other one brand new in 1981.

    I'm ashamed to admit how much I recieved from the pawn shop for it, but they later sold it for $700. :banghead:

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  10. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    Beautiful gun. I have one just like it, but mine's pinned and the chambers are recessed. I've never shot it. Also have an Astra .44 mag with pinned barrel and recessed chambers. No doubt they're much classier than without, but probably aren't needed.
  11. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    Oh I still have my P&R 629.
    I'll never sell that one.
    It's one of the very few guns that I bought brand new.

    I bought it to replace my 1977 six and a half inch 29-2.
    I still have that one too.
    It's been resting comfortably in another pawn shops safe for the past two years but it's not going anywhere.
  12. Magnumite

    Magnumite Well-Known Member

    Speaking of 629's. When did S&W drop the DX revolver?

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