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Value of Stoeger Luger .22lr 6" barrel NIB?

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by outerlimit, May 13, 2008.

  1. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    Value of a Stoeger Luger .22lr 6" barrel that's NIB with box and papers? I think two mags and cleaning tool, but I can't remember, haven't looked at it in a long time. Serial is 6XX. I'm thinking this should have some collectible value, for early production, NIB condition and 6" barrel which seems to be harder to find than the 4" model. What is the approximate value?
  2. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you consider "some value" but there is about zilch collector interest in those guns and they aren't even liked much as shooters.

    They had their origin in the fact that in the 1920's Stoeger, then the importer of German Lugers, copyrighted the name "Luger", so they can put that name on anything. There is little resemblance to the "real" Luger even in outward appearance; the mechanisms are entirely different.

    Value, even NIB will go only about $250.

  3. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    Hi thanks for the reply. I did not know the mechanism was different. I thought it was basically the same.

    I have however seen some NIB examples sell for around $450 that are much later than this model, which dates to the first production run of around 1968 I believe. Also, I have heard a lot about the Luger triggers being terrible, however this one is incredibly nice, crisp and light from what I remember. I also remember they were going for around $300 NIB several years ago.

    Thank you.

    BADSBSNF81 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the online auction sites? They can give you some idea of prices. They show up in the 150-300 range.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    They are.

    But again, you don't have a P-08 german Luger, you have a Stoger .22 Luger.

    Not the same gun.
    Not the same at all!

  6. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt Well-Known Member

    I've got two 6" barrel Stoeger's, nice shooters and reliable. Many people get the Stoeger's confused with Erma's which were well known for feeding problems. Like the original Lugers they feature a toggle action but use stamped metal components as opposed to originals. Nearly all frames were aluminum alloy but a few earlier ones were made from steel. Other than the barrel length options, they also offered one with adjustable rear target sights. Prices have never been much more than $150-$250 used. A NIB with a three digit serial number would no doubt bring more.

  7. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    Learn something new every day, I thought Erma make the Stoeger .22 Luger.
  8. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    The Erma's have always looked nicer and felt better to me than the alloy framed Stoegers. I had a 4", I didn't like it and sold it fairly quickly at $250 3-4 years ago.

    I have a Erma PPK clone in .22lr I'm not thrilled with though also.
  9. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    The Parabellum Pistol (the "Luger") is a recoil-operated pistol, employing a toggle link mechanism to lock the breech. The barrel is locked to the breech until recoil causes the toggles to strike the ramp in the frame and unlock the breechblock from the barrel.

    The Erma and Stoeger Lugers are straight blowback, using the toggle link only to simulate the appearance of the Luger. There is no breech locking mechanism and the barrels are fixed.

  10. nambu1

    nambu1 Well-Known Member

    I have one that I bought back in the 70's and had to send it back to the factory. The recoil spring was too strong and would stovepipe the empties, they replaced the spring and I have not had any problems since. I enjoy shooting it and do whenever my son and I go to the range with the 22's.
  11. Rex B

    Rex B Well-Known Member

    I've had two very nice ones. Good shooters, accurate, reliable, good trigger. I just wanted them to feel heavier. The most recent looked new, but no box or manual, just the pistol. Had no problem selling it for $300. I'd bet you could get $400 for yours. Put it on Gunbroker.
  12. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    From what I remember of the weight, this one must have been alloy framed as well. But, to be sure, I would have to see it again. I'm about 90% positive it was alloy framed, I remember it being quite light weight compared to a 6 7/8" Ruger MKII target and the balance being heavier towards the barrel.
  13. mayfiebl

    mayfiebl New Member

    My Dad bought me one new in the 70's and I sold it back then for my first dirt bike, I would love to have one again, I have a real Lugar but the old 22 would be fun for my son, Any out there?
  14. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    Well, this one will likely be on gunbroker within the next month or so. I saw a nice one on their recently. 1978 model I believe.
  15. Rex B

    Rex B Well-Known Member

    I have seen at least one at ever gun show I've been to. Last Saturday there was one for $225 at the Ft Worth Gun Show. It wasn't mint, but it looked OK.

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