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Value of winchester 94 trapper 30-30...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by achildofthesky, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. achildofthesky

    achildofthesky New Member

    Hi, I am looking at a m94 winchester trapper in 30-30 with a serial # of
    52876xx. Anybody know when it was made (1990?) and what it is worth? It also has weaver mounts with a burris 4x mini and is in extremely good condition looking like it has been used very little. Wood and metal is in great shape. The guy is asking $250.00. Thanks for the help.
  2. Steve F

    Steve F New Member

    Around my parts of town,that would bought on the spot;)
  3. asknight

    asknight New Member

    Buy it on the spot.

    The scope is worth $200+ by itself.
  4. brandyspaw

    brandyspaw New Member

    I've been looking for a M94 trapper in 30/30 but have given up since the
    Winchester plant closing caused everyone to boost their prices.

    If you can buy it for that kind of money you had best jump on it. Its a smokin' deal!
  5. achildofthesky

    achildofthesky New Member

    Well I did buy it, thanks to all...

    I did buy the Trapper for $250 and 3 boxes of shells. I think I am going to take off the scope and need to find the screws for filling in the scope mount holes on the receiver. I disassembled the gun and cleaned/lightly lubed it up but there wasn't much to do as it was pretty clean.

    The gun will be used by a young hunter this year for deer season. If he looses interest I will keep it as a gun for the truck.

    BTW, where to find a nice leather buttstock ammo holder and sling? Any ideas or experiences would help. Not much in the stores around here.

    Also, where to check the serial #'s of newer guns to find date of manufacture? This gun has no crossbolt safety and the serial# is 52876xx. The guy said 1990 but it would be nice to know for sure...

    Thanks again!

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