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Vantage pro marking up flipping finger

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by RTR_RTR, May 1, 2013.

  1. RTR_RTR

    RTR_RTR Well-Known Member

    One of the downsides to the vantage is a flipper that barely protrudes from the backside of the scales. To compensate for this, I put a little pressure with my index finger on the end of the handle and slide it upward toward my palm so it "snaps" onto the flipper. Quick, easy, works well. The only thing is I've noticed either the g10 scales (more likely) or the steel liners (less likely) leave track marks along the pad of my finger when I do so. Have any of y'all had this happen? I don't see any noticeable wear, but I'd rather not have even a relatively tiny amount of g10 powder on my finger when it's in the process of feeding me (I know it's a tiny probably meaningless amount, but I'd rather not take a teaspoon shot of hexane if I could avoid it either) . Pictures attached to compensate for my poor description of what's happening

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    Last edited: May 1, 2013
  2. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    Seal the area with clear nail polish or poly.
  3. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    Have you tried washing it?
  4. P.B.Walsh

    P.B.Walsh Well-Known Member

    I am a proud owner of one, I have never had any dust on my fingers from the knife. As far as opening it, the flicker is just that, a flicker, I use it in conjunction with a whip from my wrist, locking it open solid and sure.
  5. RTR_RTR

    RTR_RTR Well-Known Member

    I know it's dusty now, but I promise it does get cleaned ;) Still happens after cleaning. The nail polish is a good solution, thanks!

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