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VCDL Legislative Action: Write your Senator

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Dan0076, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Dan0076

    Dan0076 Active Member


    From VCDL's VA-ALERT:
    Virginia Residents Only

    OK - let your Senator hear about all the rest of the bills that we want he or she to support. Just click on each of these links to send a message to your Senator (determined automatically by your address when you enter it).

    It is CRITICAL that each of these 5 message is sent, so please do it as soon as possible. THERE ARE 4,500 PEOPLE ON THIS LIST, our voices will be thunderous if each of you takes one minute to send the messages!

    Please don't sit this round out - we've come too far to drop the ball now!


    HB 829 and HB 1537 (Castle doctrine for a dwelling and protection of ranges against condemnation):


    HB 1531 (Doctor's can't improperly ask a patient about firearms):


    HB 1577 (Omnibus bill - including simpler, no-fee CHP renewals):


    HB 704 (preempts localities on discharge of firearms and hunting):



    AND one message for a Senate bill that is in the House - SB 58 (repeals fingerprinting option for CHPs):


    Philip Van Cleave, President, VCDL
  2. m14rick

    m14rick Active Member


    Dan, I was gerrymandered into Louise Lucas's Senate district the last time they redrew the map, I don't believe I can change her mind.....I do, however heve the ear of my House Delegate.
  3. Dan0076

    Dan0076 Active Member


    I hear ya. Sometimes those that are suppose to represent us haven't got a clue. But reguardless it's still important to let them hear from you, thier constituant. I hope that you write her anyway. My senator (Stolle) is for the most part progun, but does have his moments. I believe he's for 'reasonable gun control'.

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