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Vector Arms Uzis? Experiances, info...???

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by phantomak47, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. phantomak47

    phantomak47 Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about getting a vector arms uzi in 9mm and I was wondering the following.

    1. Quality?

    2. reliability?

    3. any other comments would be appricated!

    Thinking about getting one through atlanticfirearms.com are they good and is this a good price?

  2. Cortland

    Cortland Well-Known Member

    We're talking semi-auto, right? There were some problems with some of Vector's semi-autos recently, but to my knowledge Vector has everything worked out now. See this thread on UziTalk.

    Vector is very well regarded in terms of quality and customer service. My Uzi is an IMI conversion, but I've bought a lot of accessories from Vector and I do recommend them.
  3. phantomak47

    phantomak47 Well-Known Member

  4. Cortland

    Cortland Well-Known Member

    Regarding the price, I think that's pretty much THE price. Vector will sell you the gun directly at that price.
  5. nero45acp

    nero45acp Well-Known Member

    I had one.

    It was well made, reliable, accurate, and a blast to shoot. One thing that I learned from mine is that when chambering the first round make sure that you pull the bolt all the way back and then release it briskly. Otherwise, you can sometimes experience some light primer strikes on the first round. *(Don't let that discourage you from buying one as that issue is shooter error, not a flaw of the gun.)*

    Also, make sure that you order their front sight adjustment tool (they're inexpensive). It makes adjusting the front sight a breeze.

    I ordered mine directly from Vector. They (Vector) were very helpful and friendly.

    I sold mine to finance another firearm, and of course I now regret selling it. :(


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