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Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by SONICMASD, Jan 31, 2006.


    SONICMASD New Member

    Jan 28, 2005
    PHX, AZ
    Well I have been searching for the ultra-rare Vektor CP-1 for over a year now. In the past year I had seen only 3 for sale and missed my chances at snatching one up.

    If you don't know the story behind these guns: they came out in the late 90s and were recalled in 2000 because a small percentage of them had issues with the internal safety mechanisms and when dropped could accidentally fire. Vektor recalled the pistol and gave $500 to anyone who would turn theirs in. Vektor closed up shop in the USA and the rest is history.

    I heard that there were close to 2000 CP-1s sold in the US before the recall and most of those were turned in because the gun itself isnt that great, so when owners had the opportunity to get $500 for a gun that they spent around $400 for they jumped on it.

    Obviously, the limited number left makes these highly collectible and they are jumping in value.I saw one of these in mint condition sell for over $800 on gunbroker!

    This one had been fired so i figured i might as well try out a few more rounds. It uses a gas blowback system like the HK P7 but the Vektor's system is known to suck and cause jams frequently. I was expecting it to jam every mag, but I fired 3 mags and no problems at all. Accuracy was very good at 10-15 yards. I love the mag release on this thing, it is very well placed and shoots the mags out even when the gun is held upside down. Loaded chamber indicator is a nice touch also.

    The gun is comfortable in the hand but has a nasty little nip to it, it hurts the inside of your hand when it recoils. For some reason the rear sights are plastic which is stupid, and the safety location (inside the trigger gaurd) could be better placed. Also, it has no slide release button which is really annoying.

    Overall I'd give this gun a D+ , not the worst gun you could own but you could do a lot better. Its gonna sit in the safe for half a decade or so and when something that I just have to have comes along I'll probably sell it.

  2. glockamolee

    glockamolee New Member

    Nov 7, 2005
    I just saw it as a movie prop tonight while watching Battlestar Galactica.
  3. Adventurer_96

    Adventurer_96 Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    When they came out, I wanted one just for the funky ergonomics. Now, the practical part of me is glad I didn't get one, although I wish I would have made some $$$...
  4. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Elder

    Jan 1, 2003
    DFW Area
    WARNING! BEFORE reading farther, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post.

    IIRC, they were also made to tolerate a relatively limited round count. The idea was that nearly all carry guns are not shot much.

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