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Very intresting test, is that a gun or a cell phone?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TAB, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. TAB

    TAB Well-Known Member

  2. nobius

    nobius Active Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 400
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:576.48ms
    Black Unarmed:742.16ms
    White Armed:631.68ms
    White Unarmed:679.96ms

    First few images I had my buttons backwards. After that was squared away, I did much better.
  3. bnkrazy

    bnkrazy Well-Known Member

    Very interesting. Here's my score:
    Game Over
    Your Score: 735
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:559.2ms
    Black Unarmed:684.8ms
    White Armed:602.68ms
    White Unarmed:667ms
  4. eric.cartman

    eric.cartman Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 595
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:647.76ms
    Black Unarmed:773.08ms
    White Armed:655ms
    White Unarmed:692.56ms
  5. Jimmie

    Jimmie Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I'd like to know the biases behind that game.

    Your Score: 600
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:668.12ms
    Black Unarmed:788.56ms
    White Armed:662.56ms
    White Unarmed:736.76ms
  6. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Very interesting indeed!

    I took the test. When it was over I realized they are testing more than just your ability to differentiate between a gun and a cell phone.

    Spoiler Alert!!!







    They are also (perhaps primarily) testing whether the race of the person in the photos makes a difference as to your reaction.

    Race didn't seem to make much difference to me in my shoot/no shoot decisions (although I have cultural biases just like every other individual on the planet). I was focused almost entirely on the subject's hands - and having a pretty tough time telling the difference between a phone and a gun.

    I would say it is a good training excercise for keeping your focus on the hands. I would like to know more about this link. Who designed the study and for what purpose? I'm not so sure it was designed as a shooting excersise at all.

    Can the OP provide further links and source information, please?
  7. FTA84

    FTA84 Well-Known Member

    I thought the scoring was very interesting.

    It appears to be less of a penalty to shoot an innocent than to get shot. Is someone implying that the benefits of self-defense outweight the risks to society?

    Is this meant to be anti, pro, or neither?
  8. LaEscopeta

    LaEscopeta Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 585
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:747.44ms
    Black Unarmed:804.6ms
    White Armed:700.76ms
    White Unarmed:767.92ms

    I only noticed 2 times (one armed one unarmed) where I hit the wrong button. I'm guessing my low score is due to slow reaction time. At least I was quicker with armed suspects.

    Also seems I was quicker deciding white vs. black, but by < 0.01 seconds. Wonder if that is statically significant.

    Finally, did anyone else think the suspect was about to get run over by the street car?
  9. TAB

    TAB Well-Known Member

    they were testing about race, but I still found it very intresting. Not for the race aspect, but for reaction times.
  10. I would say that is exactly what they are testing. As you can see, 3/4 of the people who took it so far were quicker to shoot the armed blacks. They also paused longer before calling the unarmed blacks safe compared to the unarmed whites. Granted, that's too small of a sample to determine anything.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2008
  11. VirgilCaine

    VirgilCaine Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 540
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:707.4ms
    Black Unarmed:714.32ms
    White Armed:664ms
    White Unarmed:697.48ms

    Apparently, it took me much longer to decide if the white guys were safe than the black guys!

    It really helps that they are holding the objects away from their body most of the time, so you have a very easy time of telling what it is.

    Very interesting test.

    Also, why weren't there any women?
  12. Nope, look at your results again. You took 714 ms to "holster" when you saw an unarmed black guy, but only 697 ms when you saw an unarmed white guy.

    Because when one conducts an experiment, one needs to control for as many variables as possible. If testing for reaction to race, changing the gender introduces other forms of bias.
  13. 32winspl

    32winspl Well-Known Member

    I was a bit peeved in that just because they were armed, I don't recall anyone pointing their gun at me. There was really no way to determine if the guy with the gun was a good guy with a gun, or a bad guy with a gun.
  14. LaEscopeta

    LaEscopeta Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 600
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:658.32ms
    Black Unarmed:753.12ms
    White Armed:687.36ms
    White Unarmed:694.24ms

    Took it again and tried to pay attention to the scoring this time. Seemed like I got +5 or +10 for each correct decision, and minus 20 for the one incorrect decision I noticed.

    Gained 0.05 seconds on average reaction time though.

    OK don't think of it a holster/shoot decision, despite what the instructions say. Think of it a simply what it is; deciding if the object in their hand is a handgun or not.
  15. novaDAK

    novaDAK Well-Known Member

    and since when did I randomly flash through different places and have people magically appear? And also, why do I have to holster my gun? Do they think that if I have a gun out I'm going to shoot anyone I see with a gun? Did I hear gunshots prior to seeing this person? Are they pointing their gun at me? Are they appearing to have a threatening demeanor?

    And one last thing, it is much easier to differentiate between pulling the trigger of a gun and holstering, than remembering which button on the keyboard to press for which action...

    And I still did good on this little test ;)
  16. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Well....noting that this came from the Univesity of Chicago - I think it's safe to say: "guy with gun = bad guy".
  17. VirgilCaine

    VirgilCaine Well-Known Member

    It only took me another 7ms to determine the unarmed black guy was safe...

    Whereas the unarmed white guys took me another 33ms to determine if they were safe. But then this might be because I'm looking at the black guys longer overall.
  18. DragonFire

    DragonFire Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 525
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:709.8ms
    Black Unarmed:791.48ms
    White Armed:693.72ms
    White Unarmed:729.28ms

    I lost some points for not reacting quick enough.

    This in no way tests any kind of racial bias, or much of anything besides reaction times.

    As 32winspl pointed out, there was no "good guy" with a gun or "bad' guy with a gun. It was strictly "is it a gun or not".

    Nor does it show anything about our sense of self-defense being more important the safety of society. My decision which button to push is in no way related to how I'd make the decision to shoot to defend myself or not. Nor do bad guys just pop out of the air with a gun.

    The decision should be based on the surroundings, the situation, and the demeanor of the BG leading up to the actual moment.

    They can claim anything they like, but anyone that believes this has "social" implications is a fool.
  19. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    What I have learned from this game is that point wise, as long as I holster on 4 innocent people, I can shoot an innocent person. So if I holster on 5 innocents per random person I shoot, then I'm still making forward progress.

    To prove what an unbiased proponent of equality I am, I shot everyone, everytime, equally. :D
  20. GhostlyKarliion

    GhostlyKarliion Well-Known Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 605
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:615.64ms
    Black Unarmed:657.68ms
    White Armed:632.72ms
    White Unarmed:632.88ms

    very interesting game, I didn't even register the color of the person most of the time, I was focused soley on what was in the hands.

    eyes dart to suspect, then hands, then identify what is in hand, punch button.

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